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The Erotic Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 7: Mandy At The Pool With Her Friends.

Posted: 5 months ago - Sep 28, 2023

The Erotic Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 7: Mandy At The Pool With Her Friends.


Disclosure: The following erotic story contains descriptions of explicit fictional and nonfictional sexual content The likes of which may stimulate some and offend others so anyone not interested in reading such content or would be offended by it should stop reading and quit this page immediately. Any and all acts described in this story are either fictional or were between consenting adults of legal age to consent in all jurisdictions in which no acts described violated any applicable laws.


Mandy’s adventures continue during the Summer between her second and third year at Vixen College. She loves lounging by the pool during the hot Summer months at her Guardian Mistress’s Chateau and loves even more the hot things that happen by the pool during her Summer break.



The sound of someone entering the pool enclosure roused me from a daydream. 


“Hi,” I smiled, raising myself up on one elbow, “Can I help you?” I had been relaxing face up, reading mostly, on a plush chaise lounge by the short side of the Olympic sized swimming pool under a row of palm trees.  I had not expected anyone to drop by and was in one of my micro mini sheer bikinis. The bikini was very small, barely covering my breasts and just had enough fabric to keep my clit tightly tucked in back, allowing for a camel toe effect in front with my jewels tucked up in front. The sheer fabric was see through and it helped eliminate any tan lines.  

As the woman walked closer to me, I noticed that she was staring at my chest. I looked down an noticed that my small bikini top was barely covering my full, firm, 32D breasts, and my nipples were semi hard and visible under the sheer fabric of the hot pink bikini. Despite laying down on my back, my breasts were so firm, my pectoral muscles so developed, that my breasts stood proudly out from my slim athletic torso, almost defying gravity, and I think that is what caught her attention.   Rather than cover up, I just double downed and arched my back a little to further push up and out my beautiful, young breasts. My Guardian Mistress had given me the bikini a while ago when I was younger and I loved it so much, I just kept reordering the same style and size. Now, it is clearly a size too small for me, but I like how it displays my body, and because of its extra small size, I am basically nude when wearing it . In any event, I only wear it around the pool at the Chateau, you know, as private settings are more appropriate for the look.


I especially like how my micro mini bikini presents my firm, full youthful breasts. I was not a 32D back when my guardian Mistress first gave it to me, but am now, an the little triangles just cover my nipples and areoles. 


The woman looked away self-consciously, , “I’m Shawna Summers with Divas Realty. I wanted to see the inside of the house, but no one seems to be home.”

I had not thought my Guardian Mistress was working on any real estate deals at the moment, so was puzzled at why this woman, Shawna was there , let alone wanting to see the inside of the Chateau. â€œI’m Mandy Love,” I said with a bit of a flirty tone. . â€œMy Guardian Mistress is not around right now and she won’t be home until later this afternoon. Also, it’s the maid’s day off so there is no one around but me at the moment. Why are you here?”


“Oh, uhm, sorry,” Shawna stumbled on her words as she had returned her eyes to me and was struggling to keep from looking at my firm, young athletic body. 


I had a Mediterranean  tan, contrasting nicely with the alabaster white fluffy towel on which I was laying face up.  My tits were standing out from my chest, only the bottom quarter of them were supported by the small triangles of hot pink sheer fabric, with my visibly hard nipples poking through the tops of the triangles. It was a double tie top, with simple pull knots behind my neck and between my breasts, so it was infinitely adjustable to create just the perfect cleavage and support, while making sure my nipples with small areolas were on full display through the sheer fabric. I loved the feeling of it on my skin, and loved even more the looks I got from others when I wore it.


“I am working on a publicity brochure to market this area and your, what did you say, Guardian Mistress, agreed to let me come over and take pictures of the inside and out of the   stunningly beautiful home. It truly is the jewel of the entire landscape out here.” When she said jewel, I noticed that her eyes were focused on the small triangle of sheer fabric at my crotch keeping my clit well tucked. My bikini bottoms were tight, with side ties that were no more than strings, and the way I had tucked my large clit  in back, an jewels up front, it looked like I had a vaginal cleft right between my legs, just like a biological girl. I had a bit of camel toe going on with the low cut bikini bottoms pulled up tight, and I think Shawna was focused on the crease of the sheer fabric between my legs at the tops of my thighs. When I saw her lick her lips, I was sure that she also noticed that I was completely bald and smooth down there. In fact, I was smooth everywhere below my sculptured eyebrows.  A present of full body laser hair removal from my guardian Mistress at the beginning of the Summer. I just hated the routine of shaving and now will never need to again.


I spread my legs just a bit to tease her. â€œWell, if you can wait a few minutes, I’ll be glad to show you the house. I always get at least an hour of sun every day, and the hour’s almost up.”

 â€œFine.” Shawna nodded with a smile. “I can wait.”

Shawna put her camera bag and purse down on a small side table and then sat down in the chaise lounge chair next to me.  This was going to be interesting, I thought. Shawna was herself quite striking in her elegantly tailored business skirt suit and jacket. She was slim, tall, with thick auburn hair styled to frame her face and fall loosely around her shoulders. Given the temperature, she was not wearing stockings, but did have on heeled sandals which accentuated her long legs which lead up to what I thought was a firm ass, but I had not seen her from behind yet. Her breasts were nicely hidden behind a cream colored blouse under her suit jacket which was tailored nicely to show off her very thin waist. The pink fingernails and tow nails were an interesting clue. Could mean many things. I decided to just play out the cards an see what type of hand she was holding.


As I contemplated how long to cook Shawna in the warm temperature by the pool while I finished sunbathing, I got an idea.


hot as the sun was, it wasn’t long before Shawna was sweating and sticky. Deciding that no one but me could see her anyway, Shawna took off her jacket, and undid the top three buttons of her blouse. She took out a piece of paper and began to fan herself


Would you mind doing me a favor?” I called over in a mischievous kitten voice.

“Not at all,” Shawna answered. “What would you like?”


Slowly rolling over, I made sure to present a sensuous feast of visual stimuli in the form of my young, athletic, nubile body in a bikini which was less than most skimpy lingerie.


I gestured towards the plastic bottle of suntan lotion. “Could you squeeze some of that lotion on my lower back and then rub it in for me?” I asked making sure to stick my pert, firm ass up just a bit and spread my legs just enough to give her a luscious, curvy profile view. From her angle, I must have looked naked with just a string or two here and there.


“Sure,” she agreed, standing.

Walking over to me, Shawna picked up the suntan lotion. She stooped down, then squirted a thick trail of white lotion in a line just above my round, firm athletic ass.

Putting the bottle down, she rolled up her sleaves and began rubbing the lotion into my soft tanned skin just above the small whale tail of the back side of the string bikini. I watched her face out of the corner of my eye. It looked like she was mesmerized at the sleek and sexy body beneath her. My cute bubble but just looks so ripe, so soft, yet firm. 


“Ummm, that feels nice,” I murmured, my face nestled in the crook of my elbow, face angled toward Shawna.

Using both hands, Shawna slowly massaged the slippery lotion into the smooth curves of my back. â€œHere, this should help and eliminate the tan lines..” I arched my back, muscles rippling under Shawna’s slippery hands, lifted up my torso, reached back pulled loose the string ties around my neck and between my breasts, and pulled the tiny bikini top off . â€œThere, that is better,” as I laid back down, now topless but face down, making sure to cup my breasts just a bit to lift them up and spread them so that they were visible on either side of my upper torso.  It was not lost on me that my fondling of my breasts caught Shawna’s eye.


Shawna paused with her massaging of my back, not sure how to read the situation. I am sure that she realized how common it was for young girls to sunbathe topless face down, and continued with her massaging of the cream into my skin. I noticed that her fingers were becoming more sensuous, more massaging, and less lotion spreading than when she started.


After only a few minutes, I noticed that Shawna was breathing somewhat quicker than before. Oddly, I found myself breathing a bit quicker as well as Shawna’s fingers lingered on my sides, grazing the firm, but pillowy flesh of my breasts with each stroke up and down my torso.


“You have such perfect skin,” Shawna said slowly, surprised at the huskiness in her voice. She took a deep breath,. It was apparent that my poker hand was strong and we had not even started the flop. She was clearly becoming aroused by her proximity to me and her touching of my young, soft skin, especially the flesh of my breasts.


 â€œ I have a daughter about your age, it’s amazing how closely your body is to hers.”


“Yeah, cool!” Deflecting the comment and not yet begging for a complement in the form of a response like, ‘Then your daughter must be smoking hot.’  


In a bold move, I reached down and pulled the small bikini bottom down so that it was now resting at the mid point of my ass cheeks. Far enough down to let her know that I was holding a winning poker hand, but not so far as to release my clit or pass the point of no return with this stranger.


“Could you put some on my butt ?” I said in a harsh whisper.

Trembling slightly, and without saying a word, Shawna squirted lotion onto my firm ass cheeks. She then spent a great deal of time rubbing the suntan lotion into my soft, but firm muscular ass. Ever so slightly, I spread my knees apart, opening the crack of my ass just a bit. Shawna took the hint without a word being said, and effectively folded her poker hand by tracing slippery fingers between my ass cheeks, all the way down to my puckered anal star. She was almost tracing her fingers low enough to discover my tucked clit. She would have seen it by now, but for the fact that she was sitting on my chaise lounge up by my shoulders, facing my feet and the angle was not right for her to look up my ass. 


Sweat beaded on my forehead, my breathing growing still more uneven, and I started wiggling my ass almost imperceptibly. I lifted my ass up and spread my legs  further in what could only be described as an obvious gesture. I swallowed loudly when Shawna reached lower, bending over me to begin kneading the lotion into my bare inner thighs. Shawna moved slowly higher. The moment of truth was at hand.

“You have… such a… a great tan,” was all Shawna could think to say, her fingertips just skirting the sheer hot pink fabric of the bikini bottom covering my clit which was straining to be released . The tea bag section of the micro mini bikini bottom was just covering my clit and when Shawna traced a finger along the tucked shaft, she stopped . I had to show her my poker hand now to demonstrate how well I can play the game.


“let me get these off so you have full access,” I whispered in a sexy, little girl voice. I reached down, pulled the string ties on either side of my bikini bottoms and let the fabric fall way. My clit untucked immediately as there was no friction with all the skin slippery with sun tan lotion. It engorged quickly in a downward angle as that was the only place it could. I lifted up my ass a little to readjust my clit so that it was not scraping the towel as it grew longer and longer down between my thighs, but I left it pointing downwards despite the discomfort. It wanted to be pointing up, but I wanted to show off a bit.


Shawna’s hissed in a breath when the realization washed over her that I was a T Girl, but did not stop. Her fingers started tracing the length of my shaft and, given her task, started to massage my long clit with sun tan lotion. â€œYou’re nicely tan all over. You must sunbathe in the nude often.”

With a little sigh escaping my slightly parted lips as she stroked my clit shaft, I responded, “ Oh yeah, all the time, 

Will you do my front?” The tremor in my voice was unmistakable. Despite my assertiveness, this was new territory for me. I was just a week into my Summer vacation between my second an third years at Vixen college, Very experienced sexually in many ways, but still very naïve in others, like having sex with strangers around the pool. 


I tried to remember whether My Guardian Mistress and I have conducted one of her ‘special training sessions out by the pool, and concluded that we have not yet had that pleasure. My sexual experiences have been confined to the special sexual training sessions with my guardian Mistress in her bedroom master suite, the many, many full on erotic love making sexploration sessions with Serena my female maid in my bedroom suite, the several fun and experimental sex sessions with Jasminea my maid’s daughter mostly in my bedroom suite and sometimes around the Chateau when no one else is around, the occasional group therapy sessions with all the boys of various athletic teams which are looking to enhance their performance on the field in the great room of the Chateau and would pay handsomely for the beneficial effects of one of my Guardian Mistress’s team sessions in which I would provide special one on one therapy counseling services for between 10 and 30 boys, and of course, all my sexual activities with the Rose Community Girls mostly in their dorm rooms, my off campus luxury condo, or somewhere private on the Vixen College campus especially Monique, Marci, Julie and Ashley. 


I was not familiar with strangers visiting the pool area, and what if my guardian Mistress were to suddenly return?


“Turn over.” Shawna whispered in a husky, sexually laced voice taking my bate.


I rolled onto my back, again making sure that I rolled in Shawna’s direction so she could see my long clit in its full glory. As I rolled, my clit sprung up and slapped my flat tummy.   Shawna’s eyes were glued to it. I was now fully naked, skin glistening, nipples hard and erect, clit resting on my muscular tummy. Due to the special treatments I have been receiving for a few years now, my clit, when fully engorged, would be 25cm long, and reach almost up to the lower part of my firm breasts. Even on my back, my breasts stood proudly up from my chest like ripe large grapefruits just waiting to be plucked. The building sexual tension had my nipples hard and erect., In a flirty gesture, as I rolled over, I raised my knees a bit and spread my thighs wide apart to give Shawna full access . I just closed my eyes and put my hands behind my head, elbows out, fully exposed.


“I am ready for you to do my front.” There was no mistaking things now. I was all in, and she was folding her hand. 


“Oh, so beautiful,” Shawna gasped as she absentmindedly continued working the creamy, slippery lotion on my clit shaft, marveling at how it glistened in the sun, how it was getting so hard, yet was so soft, slippery with the lotion on it. 


Without opening my eyes, I tentatively responded to a question I knew she wanted to ask, “Ever seen a T Girl like me before?”


“Never, but Oh My god, your perfect!”


My eyes remained closed, but my chest was rising and falling to my heavy breathing. Shawna, seemed like she was the type that was so pretty, but elegant, that she probably hadn’t had sex in some time, scaring off her suitors before they could make their move. And what did she say about her daughter? I wondered if I was fueling a mommy daughter fantasy for her right now.


Shawna squirted lotion from my throat, down between my full, ripe, round tits. She let her hands follow the line scooping up the lotion as her fingers circled each firm breast, letting her forefingers trace my puffy hard nipples. 

I moaned and arched my back, “Oh fuck, yes,” I groaned. I just love nipple play and hoped that Shawna would continue.


My firm breasts must have felt DeVine in Shawna’s hands as she seemed to focus her attention on them for quite a while. She squeezed and kneaded them then brought her fingers to the stiff little nipples and pinched them as her slippery fingers slipped off them with a little ‘pop’. She did this again, and again, to my delight. I squirmed in appreciation and made soft purring sounds as she ‘popped’ my nipples for several minutes . Just heaven. It was like having my nipples pinched, but they were too slippery so her fingers just milked my nipples and I loved it.


“Does your girl have nice tits like mine,” I sighed, opening my eyes and looking up at Shawna, “Would you like to touch Her’s like you are touching mine right now?” my voice trailed off into a little girl moan. I wanted to test whether the mommy daughter fantasy well was deep with Shawna.


“Oh Mandy, yours are so much like hers. Full, round, firm and they seem to stand out from her chest with cute upturned nipples, just like yours. I have watched her get out of the shower and I just want to touch them like this, move them and turn her on.”

Eureka! I struck gold with my presumption about her and her daughter.


“ Fuck it feels so good, look.” I quickly reached down, held my clit at the base, and pointed the hard, erect shaft up and away from my flat tummy. â€œSo hard for you. Do you think your baby girl would like me, want to play with me, play with my clit like this?” At this, I glided my fingers up the slippery shaft of my clit and circle jerked it right at the head, causing a drop of precum to ooze out. Shawna’s fingers were right then pinching my nipples again, and this time the pinch was more like a vice grip as she shuddered with excitement at my words about being with her daughter.


“You are so smooth all over. So pretty. So young.” Shawna’s voice trailed off as she descended into a lust filled mental haze. No doubt envisaging me fucking her baby girl with my large clit, our breasts mashed together, our tongues fluttering in our young mouths, her daughter’s legs wrapped around my back, my long clit penetrating her young pussy.


“I’m sweating like crazy,” Shawna said with a nervous giggle, her hands lighting on my firm breasts again her hands were all over my mounds of flesh, as she fondled them, then plucked at my nipples again.


“And, my panties are soaked with my cunt juices,” she added.

“of course they are.” I licked my lush lower lip with just the tip of my pink tongue, letting Shawna know that the thought of her wet pussy was turning me on. My body was Trembling when Shawna’s hands slid down her breasts and encircled my clit . She used her right hand to stroke my shaft which allowed her left hand to trail down farther, lower, to cup my jewels, and lower still. Her left middle finger grazed my puckered anal star and it was so slippery with lotion. She tested my anal ring and I moaned with pleasure as she pushed her middle finger in to the first knuckle. 


“if your panties are soaked, then take your panties off and give them to me. There’s no one to see.”

“I will in a minute,” Shawna said shakily, her fingers gliding over the ridges of my clit shaft, fingering the lip of my helmet, while other fingers probed inside my anal star. I was squirming and wiggling with excitement. 


Shawna added a finger to her anal probing and it slipped in easily given how wet things were down there. The two fingers were now double knuckle deep, with the palm of Shawna’s hand cupping my anal area, grinding down deeper into my hole with the heel of her palm pushed hard against the skin between my jewels and anal star, massaging my anal G Spot from the outside.


 â€œHow’s that feel Mandy?”

I tensed with a sudden gasp, my knees spreading wider and my slender back arching. “Keep doing that,” I urged, my bare tits rising and falling quickly with my ragged breathing. “Ohhhhh, fuck, I like that. Feeling you stroke my clit and penetrate my T Girl pussy, yes, more. Please more!”

Shawna had never heard the expression ‘T Girl Pussy’ before, but liked it. Her fingers coated with the slippery lotion, Shawna was unable to stop herself from sliding another finger up my hot young anal star while she concentrated her right hand on the sensitive skin under my clit head. 


I contracted my anal star to let her know that I had full control of it, could make it like a vice grip to squeeze her fingers, or open up to take a fist. Shawna twisted all three fingers deep, exploring the gluey wetness of my throbbing anal love tunnel, her hand all the while creating more stroking friction on my shaft. 

It seemed that Shawna’s Finger fucking my tight anal star and jerking my long clit shaft made her as horny as I had ever seen a woman before. I wriggled and squirmed at her touch, my firm thighs spread wide and my pink T Girl Pussy oozing anal lubrication juice. My clit quivered faintly. I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm building.


Shawna lifted her right hand to the pee hole of my clit head and teased it with her fingertip .


“Ohhhhhhh fuck!” I moaned quietly, my narrow hips twisting. It was like I was on an operating table, a sexual experience operating table, and Shawna was the doctor performing the operation, with me wiggling, jiggling and squirming to her manipulations of my erotic zones. I was so aroused, so flush with excitement. 

Shawna centered her attention on my hard, golden pink clit, She gently pinched, caressed and massaged the sensitive skin just under my clit head. It was driving me wild . My clit oozed out another drop of precum.  Shawna used a fingertip to capture the drop and bring it to her lips, dragging it all around her mouth, and then sucking the finger into her mouth.




I was drenched with sweat and shuddering uncontrollably. Shawna was obviously turned on by what she was doing, but what I did not know was that her arousal was more about thoughts of playing with her daughter, Katrina, How long had she wanted to do this to her baby girl, pleasure her sweet little cunt in just the way she was fingering my anal love tunnel. The combination of a beautiful young woman with a large clit seemed to be overwhelming Shawna and she was in a dopamine high, of sorts, with lustful thoughts of me with her Katrina, possibly fucking the girl while Shawna watched? Erotic thoughts flooded my mind as Shawna continued her delicate orchestration of my impending orgasm. 


As Shawna finger fucked me, she paused on stroking my clit so that she could slowly unbuttoned her blouse and unzip her skirt with her other hand.

Before Shawna could even get her skirt off, , she felt my hand groping up under her skirt. My fingers trailed up her bare wet inner thigh and went straight for her cunt, which would have been dripping but for her panties which were soaked. Reaching the crotch of Shawna’s thong, I deftly slid a finger under her thong and up into her pulsing cunt. I smiled at the fact that she had a perfectly smooth, bald pussy.


“Oh fuck you hot little bitch, I want you so fucking bad. Let me get undressed,” Shawna said excitedly, the feel of my finger thrusting into her cunt turning her insides to jelly.


“Then let’s move over to the cabana with the queen size beds under the canopy,” I panted, not really wanting things to stop, but realizing that Shawna would need some reciprocal attention soon, more than just a finger or two in her cunt, and there was no more room on the chaise lounge on which I was laying.


Shawna stripped off her blouse, tossed away her skirt,  kicked off her shoes, and pulled down her thong, showing her dripping cunt to me as She said nothing, but the fire in her eyes told me everything.


Shawna watched my hot little ass as I walked over to the cabana, to one of the plush queen sized beds under a shade canopy.  I had to hold my clit as it was erect and made walking a little harder as I presented my cute ass to Shawna. Shawna followed, and when she got to the cabana, she threw her soaked thong in my face. 

I giggled and pressed the dripping crotch of the skimpy garment to my nose and sniffed, “Oh mmm you smell so amazing,” after sucking the thin fabric into my mouth, “and taste amazing! I am keeping these.”

“You are a dirty little girl aren’t you?” said Shawna smiling.


I tossed her panties on the cabana side table, a trophy for later. 


“You said I look just like your daughter, well, without my clit, of course, what is her name,” I purred while laying back on the plush bed cover, one hand behind my head, one hand gently stroking my clit. Looking up at Shawna, I must have seemed a dream come true. “What does she look like?” Now I was fishing.


“Yes, brunette hair, super model facial features, hot, tight, athletic little body,, full breasts, pointy nipples which turn up when not in a bra, muscular long legs, and a perfect little ass with no tan lines. Like you, she must sunbathe in the nude. yeah you look like Katrina. You could be twins!” said Shawna smiling, “without, the clit, of course.”


I had a thought to push her over the edge. â€œYou call me Katrina and I’ll call you mommy, okay?” I said in a sexy kitten voice, a little wicked thrown in for good measure, a shy smile on my angelic face.


“Oh you little bitch you know how to turn me on!” Shawna said as she joined me on the linen covered mattress of the bed. 


“Oh mommy, make me cum, please,” I pleaded in a little girl’s voice as I fell into Shawna’s arms.


Shawna crawled on top of me, kneed my legs apart and pressed her body onto mine. Bare legs tangled together, slippery bodies wiggling against each other, our hard nipples poking the flesh of our breasts. 


Shawna covered my mouth with her own and forced my lips apart with her desperate need to kiss me. I wanted to tell her to slow down, that we had hours, but this lust was pent up, it was urgent. She apparently had wanted her hot little girl for some time an the thought of realizing her fantasy took all governors off her mental control.  I just love how I can push women into irrationality with my body.


the sweetness of her breath and the excitement of her body on top of mine. Thighs to thighs and pussy to clit. Was she going to fuck me, suck me, tongue my ass like eating out her little girl, make me cum by working my anal G Spot, the possibilities were many. 


“yes, yes, Mommy, please Mommy, I have wanted this for so long. Take me. Make love to me. I am all yours. I will be your good girl Mommy!”


We squirmed all over the bed, . â€œOh Katrina baby, mommy wants you so bad!” Shawna gasped between feverish kisses, all over my face and neck. Shawna rolled us so that I was on top. Shawna’s hands moved down over my back and squeezed my firm, muscular little ass. “ Oh Katrina baby, mommy is so worked up, I’m shaking.”


My roving hands found Shawna’s full, round breasts. Cupping her right breast like a baby bottle, I leaned in and started suckling on her nipple. “Pausing, “Do you like this Mommy? Do you like how I breast feed off your nipple?” I bit down hard 


“Oh, fuck!” She spasmed as if she had experienced a nipple induced orgasm. â€œYes, baby girl, suckle off my tit, let me feed you.”


I continued suckling and nibbling on each of her hard nipples for a moment, and then continued my exploration of her thin body. My hands found her firm ass underneath her and squeezed it. My small tongue probed into Shawna’s larger mouth, my breath coming faster than ever. It was obvious. I should fuck her, right now, face to face with me on top, but I needed to back off. Play the demure, shy little girl, let Shawna take charge, control the scene, let her play out her fantasy with me in the role of Katrina.  This, I concluded, was a perfect opportunity to practice my ‘therapy’ skills as I am sure that Mommy / Daughter fantasies would be something special I could offer my older female clients, for a premium, of course. 


I rolled us over again so that Shawna was on top of me. I wrapped my legs around her trim waist and purred, “What would you like to do with me Mommy? How can I please you?” At this, I lifted my head and suckled her left nipple in my wet, warm mouth, nibbling it, sucking hard, giving it a hickey, or two in the process.


Cupping my firm full tits in her hands, Shawna asked with almost childlike innocence, “Oh my daughter, my love, would you eat my cunt, use your small, fluttering tongue and make me cum?”


 â€œOh mommy, I’ve wanted this for so long, I want to lick your pussy, make you cum all over my face, then feel your tongue in my T Girl pussy. I want you to make me cum, offer up my cum to you and then kiss you to share our cum. Oh Mommy, yes, please?”


“Oh yes baby girl I want you to drink mommy’s juices!” Shawna breathed hotly, her pussy brimming over with hot juices just at the thought of what we were going to do together.

We sucked at each other’s swollen nipples, pulled on each other’s hair, let our tongues dance in each other’s mouth, it was sexual frenzy at its best.


“Mommy, turn over so I can lick your pussy.”


“Oh Katrina, you, you are such a minx.” Shawna rolled us over and spread her legs. She caressed my shoulders and gently nudged me down . I lifted up to my hands and knees . I let my silky soft hair graze along her face and neck, until my mouth was hovering above her left nipple. 


“mommy, may I suck your nipple again like when I was a little girl, please, Mommy, please.” My acting kicked in and I threw in a lot of pleading and soft whimpering.


“Oh, Katrina, yes,, yes.” She guided my chin to her left nipple, took my hands and coaxed me to hold her breast on either side again like I was holding a baby bottle, and pushed the back of my head onto her nipple. I latched onto it like my life depended on it. I turned the golden pink areoles dark red with my hard sucking . For sure she was going to have very dark hicky marked nipples for a while. I pushed a knee up between her legs and felt that her pussy was a hot mess of cunt juices. I ground my knee into her crotch and she moaned in my mouth. I nibbled on the nipple and then she guided my chin to her other nipple. I gave it the same attention and then felt the nudge again on my shoulders . This bitch may want to fuck her baby girl, but she really wanted her baby girl to fuck her with a tongue.


I crawled down her body, giving her soft kisses on her flat tummy, belly button, and all the way down to her clitoral hood. 


“Your pussy smells really good mommy,” I said, panting for breath and playing the part. “I’m going to lick it out like you’ve never had it licked out before! Spread your legs mommy so I can suckle on your hard clit!”

With me between Shawna’s legs, I pushed her inner thighs apart and she propped herself up on one of the fluffy pillows on the cabana bed. I looked up at her, made eye contact, and then extended my cute pink tongue and flicked her clit, all the while never loosing eye contact . Her lust filled gaze was intense .


I finally concentrated on my task and nuzzled my head in between Shawna’s damp, spread thighs. At the same time, I inserted two fingers into her wet cunt, just barely parting her outer labia lips. She was really dribbling love juices now, and I was going to take advantage of that.


I parted Shawna’s slick inner labia lips with my fingers and quickly found her G Spot. I clamped my lips around her clit and started a figure eight movement on her G Spot with my two inserted fingers. Her response was immediate Her state of arousal was so high, she came instantly, almost bucking my mouth off her clit. I thought I might have chipped a tooth on her pelvis bone, but stayed with her clit an kept sucking. The juices from her cunt were free flowing with her orgasm and now was the time.


I pulled all of my fingers out of her pussy, made my four fingers into a cone, folded my thumb into my palm an pushed hard back into her cunt. When my knuckles reached her cunt ring and stretched her, she screamed out lout. I was so glad we were on a large estate, the maid was not around, the Gardner was not scheduled until tomorrow, and my guardian Mistress was not to return for several more hours. My petite fist pushed past her outer ring and deeper into her cunt as I continued figure eight movements with my tongue on her throbbing clit, and she scream again. I found her G Spot with my knuckles and twisted my fist to grind on the soft spongy flesh, another scream . She was in a continuous multiple orgasm roll and I was going with the flow. My petite wrist was now fully embedded in her cunt and my twisting movements were slow and deliberate. I had to use my legs to lock her legs in place so that she did not kick me in her back, to back, to back full body spasms with each orgasmic wave crest. I just worked her cunt for a full 60 seconds, sucking hard on her clit, twisting my buried fist on her G Spot, until she put her hands on my head to push me away.


“Holy fuck Katrina, where did you learn how to do that my baby girl. Mommy loves you and you are the best pussy licker, cunt fister ever.”


I contemplated telling her about some of my sexual training experiences, but decided to go with the shy, demure, naïve little girl approach. â€œI just love you Mommy, I want to please you, to make you feel good. Did I do well Mommy? Did you like that?”


She said nothing, but her actions screamed ‘I love you Katrina.” Shawna reached down and put her hands in my arm pits to pull me up. I finally withdrew my fist from her cunt, let go of her clit with my lips, and crawled on all fours up to lay on her, our mouths just millimeters apart.  Bringing my fist fucking hand to my mouth, I sucked, licked and vacuumed all her cum into my mouth, and then let it dribble onto her lips. She opened her mouth and accepted my offering, and then pulled my head down for a deep kiss. 


Of course, My clit was rock hard and now right at the entrance of her pussy.


“Mommy, would you like me to fuck you. Please Mommy, I want to fuck you.“ 


Shawna said nothing. She was spent, barely able to hug me to her breast and not even able to reciprocate my tongue kisses in her mouth.


I took advantage of the situation and slowly, ever so slowly, thrust forward with my hips an pushed my clit into her cunt. My clit may be large, but it is no fist, so I slid in easily as she was nearly gaping after being fist fucked. Nonetheless, her cunt tunnel was like warm velvet, and it gave me goose bumps as I bottomed out in her pussy for the first time, all 25cm of love pole deep inside her. I just held my clit there, fully buried, as I started kissing her face again. 


“Katrina, wh, wha, what are you doing to me, baby girl, you want to fuck Mommy? Oh yes, Katrina, fuck me, Fuck your Mommy like a good girl. You are so big, so fucking big, Oh My god, I have never felt anything like this before. No one has ever touched me so deeply. Oh My god, what are you doing to me my baby girl!”


The feeling of my long clit in her cunt revived her and she lifted her legs up to wrap them around my tiny waist.  I saw her focus her eyes on my firm breasts which jiggled just a bit while I began to work my clit into her pussy.


“do you like my clit Mommy. Feel it deep inside. Feel my clit move deep inside you.”


I pushed my pelvis into hers and ground my skin into her female clit to give her both the sensation of being stuffed and having her clit rubbed. With a heavy sigh, I felt a flood of warm girl cum bathe my clit. She was cumin again, but this time, it was a silent cum. A warm, loving, I”I cannot believe this is happening to me’ type of cum which just put her into a motherly mood . She stroked my hair, caressed my cheek with her fingers, guided my lips back to her mouth for more, but just before our lips met, she said: â€œyes, Katrina, Mommy loves you and loves how you fuck Mommy.” She used her heels to spur my ass and started moving her hips to each of my thrusts, keeping eye contact and just mesmerized by the feelings, both physical and emotional. 


“That’s it Mommy, let me fuck you like a good girl. Let me show you how much I love my mommy, how much I want to make love to my Mommy.”


The sweet talk pushed her into another soft, gentle orgasm and I could feel another gush of girl cum bathe my clit and dribble out of her pussy onto my jewels.   I pulled out a bit and located her pussy G Spot. I wanted to ride her into a rolling multi-orgasmic session as I have done so many times before with other biological girls and women.


I pulled her legs from around my back, hooked her knees with my arms, reached around her spread thighs and held her around her small waist. This was the perfect position to start bouncing her ass with my clit right at her G Spot. The effect was immediate and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as the first of many back to back to back G Spot induced orgasms hit her. She was moaning like a mad woman, clawing at my ass, trying to get me to push in further, deeper, but I knew better. I just kept up the pressure of my clit tip on her G Spot and circled my hips to increase the G Spot rubbing sensation within her pussy. Her 6th and final climax of this part of our session was a full body spasm and I finally granted her request to bury my clit deep inside her pussy, to grind my pelvis into her female clit and allow her to ride out her orgasm for another 60 seconds


This may have started out as a role play for Shawna, but it dawned on me that I was tapping into a deeply recessed fantasy of mine I did not even know I had: that of a daughter Mommy fantasy of my own. I really never knew my birth mother and before my guardian Mistress, my Aunt Mia Love, found me working the streets as a very young lady, I have almost no memory of a childhood. Shawna was helping me understand my need for the connection. I could not, dare not, call my Aunt Mia Love, my guardian Mistress, my ‘Mommy’, even though, in many respects she was, so this would have to do. 


We just remained in that missionary position for what seemed like 30 minutes. Me slowly thrusting, grinding my pelvis on her female clit, me working her pussy G Spot with my clit tip, then deeply stroking into places she probably had never been fucked before. In the 30 minutes, she came several more times, but these were softer, gentler orgasms usually with a low moan in my mouth as we kissed, and a small squirt of cunt juice bathing my deeply buried clit. She literally came another 6 or 7 times, each with a little flood of cunt juice surrounding my clit and dribbling out her cunt lips.  It finally took me biting her right nipple hard to get her to make another noise and it was to tell me, “yes, Katrina, bite my nipples, suckle my nipples, just like you used to do as a little girl..”   Wow, she really had a nipple play thing. I think I like her.


Her talk final got to me and I could feel my orgasm bubbling up.


“Do you want me to cum inside you Mommy? Do you want to feel your baby girl’s cum deep in your pussy?”


Her eyes flew open and she started to beg: â€œYes, Katrina, yes, fuck Mommy, fill Mommy up with your cum, be a good girl and fill me up. Oh, yes, fill me up!”


She was moving her hips in rhythm with my hip movements. Her hands found my ass and pulled me deep into her cunt . That was all it took. I hit the point of no return and ploughed deep inside her cunt with my clit, shooting spurt after spurt of cum into her messy, slippery cunt. She came for a 12th or 13th time, her legs wrapped tightly around my waist, my nipples tracing all around her breasts, her hands on my ass, pulling me into her, bucking like a bronco to squeeze my clit to milk my cum. It was fucking hot. 


Breathing heavily, I just collapsed onto her chest, using her tits as a pillow, leaving my softening clit in her pussy which was oozing my cum and her girl juice. 


“That was fucking amazing” I finally whispered as I snuggled up between her pillowy breasts.


“you, you little minx, you were, are, unbelievable. My baby girl, Katrine. Tell me baby girl, what do you want Mommy to do with you, to you.”




“Anything baby girl, just tell me.”


In my best, shy little girl voice, I squeaked: â€œI want your tongue deep in my T girl Pussy. I want to cum with you eating me out. Will you do that for me Mommy?”


She just stroked my hair and purred back: â€œOf course baby girl. Mommy will tongue fuck you to the bests orgasm you have ever had.”


Well, I would be the judge of that and thought of the best position possible to get rimmed.


I crawled off her and pulled several pillows to put them under my hips and back. I wanted to be ass up, knees by my head, my clit pointed right at my tits, my T Girl Pussy right at her mouth level and see what she could do.


“So inventive Katrina, I love it.” Shawna purred as she helped me into position, holding my inner thighs up so that my knees were up by my head, my neck bent, toes pointed out. She knee walked up to my ass, tilted her head and extended her tongue, which was longer than average, but no where as long as my Guardian Mistress’s .. She curled it into a point and started licking and poking my anal star which had been loosened by her earlier finger fucking. 


I moaned my approval of her technique, and grabbed her right hand which was pushing my left thigh apart and brought it to my clit. 


“Stroke me Mommy as you tongue fuck my Pussy, be a good Mommy and make me cum all over my tits. I want you to lick my cum off my tits after you make me cum Mommy.”


Her eyes glazed over again with the dirty talk and she pushed her tongue deep into my anal star. With full lips to anal ring contact, she started a French kiss of my ass which was luxurious, all the while, using delicate fingers to stroke and caress the length of my clit, stopping at my clit head to rub the residual cum all around it to keep it slippery for her stroking. Her tongue just made it to my anal G Spot. It was glorious.


“Oh fuck, Mommy, you are going to make me cum. More, more with your tongue Mommy. Stroke my clit head Mommy. Oh fuck. Yes, fuck. “ In just a minute, she had me cumming again.


I felt her mouth push hard against my wide open anal star and my clit started spurting cum all over my tits. Not as much as when I was fucking her, but enough to coat both my breasts and the valley in-between.


Finally, she stopped, pulled the pillows from underneath my ass and let my legs fall down on either side of her. She crawled up between my legs on me like a cat, and started licking with a flicking tongue all over my flat tummy, breasts and chest. She grabbed my clit at the base and with her index and thumb fingers, formed a ring to milk the cum in my clit shaft out of me and into her waiting mouth which was on full suck. She licked up every drop of cum from my clit, and seemed to savor the taste as she swallowed each tongue full of my creamy love juice. When she had finally finished, she crawled up further, laid on me and we started another make out session. This time, slow an passionate, like two lovers after an erotic sex session, but wait, we were. I seemed small underneath her with her knees straddling my hips, her hands just above my shoulders, her tits hanging down, nipples tracing patterns on my breasts.


As I lay there, a wicked thought found its way into my clever mind.  


I rolled us over so I was on top and then spun around so that we were in a 69 position. Then, I rolled us over again so Shawna was on top.


“Let me taste the cum in your pussy Mommy. Please, let me taste it.” I was whining like a spoiled little girl.


She pushed her knees up so that she was straddling my face, and then spread them to lower her cunt to my lips. My hands guided her ass down until my lips made contact with her pussy lips


 â€œSqueeze Mommy. Squeeze your pussy for me.” 


My mouth immediately felt the creamy cum I had deposited earlier begin to ooze down her love tunnel and into my mouth. I then felt her lips engulf my clit as she started giving me a blow job. She was good, and in a minute, she had me deep down her throat. Not many can take my full 25cm down their throat without gagging a lot, so she either practices with a long dildo or has given many, many blow jobs to well hung men


The taste of cum has been a climax trigger for me for a while after all of those training sessions with my guardian Mistress, and this was really turning me on, so much so, I felt an orgasm beginning to flood up through me. Amazing, I thought, she is good, but what is better is my cum dribbling from her pussy . Cum in my mouth is such a trigger for me.




My mind wandered back to a particular delicious cum filled special group therapy training session my Guardian Mistress had booked for us during the Winter break of my second year at Vixen College. . One of the more prominent local fraternities at a nearby large private university was having some image issues due to a scandal associated with a failed academic competition and they needed a reset night, something in which my Guardian Mistress specialized.


I was to practice my oral skills in a group therapy session in what I would learn later is sometimes referred to as a ‘glory hole’ session. The whole affair was quite elegant, not one of those seedy back room situations at an adult book store. This was a private university alumni club and the glory hole, if you could call it that, was a plush room on the top floor, in the back of the opulent club with couches, chairs, and a roaring fire in an ornate fireplace. 


I began the session with a bottle of crystal champagne in an ice bucket near the side table with light snacks, just in case any of the boys cum was not pleasant. After sipping some champagne, I stripped out of my street clothes and began to put on my special training outfit.


I clipped on the hot pink satin collar with the dangling hot pink heart right in the center. I looked at myself in the full length mirror on the back of the door to the private room after putting on the collar. I liked starting out these types of sessions with the collar on. It helps me slide into a submissive role for the affair. The collar also looks really sexy and gave me an elegant look and complemented my slender neck.


The next item took some time. It was a bustier / corset with quarter cup bra built in, all in hot pink of course. I maneuvered it into place, placed my 32 D full, firm breasts in the uplifting cups, not even needed as my young breasts were firm and very perky, but still pushed up the cups to cradle my upturned breasts. The laces of the corset were tricky, being behind my back. I found that I could work my way from the top to the bottom, tightening the two sided continuous draw straps with opposite pulls on either side of my slim waist. When finished, my tiny waist was cinched to an eye popping very narrow section, probably only 40cm around. I recall when I could get it to just 30cm around, but that was a few years ago when I was an even younger girl. It really accentuated my slim hips and broader shoulders into a pure hour glass shape. The corset had straps dangling from it. 2 in front and two in back. I pulled up the hot pink very thin fish net stockings and pulled them up. I loved how the soft, silky fabric made my smooth, thin legs feel as I stretched the lacey material into place. . Connecting the dangling straps was next and the ones in back were made difficult as it was all by feel. The hot pink, matching thong gaff was beautiful it felt like satin and leather combined. So tight was the thong gaff that it took several minutes to tuck and get things placed just right.  I loved how the back strap threaded through my young firm ass cheeks, with the little whale tail at the top. I tucked my large clit. It was good that I was not yet excited as I learned through experience that it simply could not be tucked when I was aroused. I was now, after years of special treatments, able to engorge to a length of 25cm and a girth of 7.5cm. 


These off site special group therapy sessions were very, very lucrative for my guardian Mistress, often generating mid-five figures of therapy fees which we would split evenly. I so trusted my Guardian Mistress, that finances were never an issue with us, especially with so much coming in from the therapy sessions these days during the breaks between my academic terms at Vixen College.  


My guardian Mistress was so financially savvy and willing to mentor me that not only was she wealthy well beyond her needs, but made sure that I would be as well.  She had surprised me several months ago and announced that she had found a buyer for the jewelry I had purchased from my shady street fence friend. The set incorporated the rarest of rare pink diamond Harry Winston earrings and platinum chocker collar solitaire set. The buyer was willing to pay 5 million for it. She advised me to sell, but told me it was my decision. I  asked what she would do if she were me. She told me about a new investment opportunity called ‘Bit Coin’ and that I could buy them for $2.50 a coin. I did some research and decided to sell the jewelry an purchase 2 million of the Bit Coin. Little did I know that my decision would make me more wealthy than I could imagine in a little more than 20 years, selling it all when the price for a Bit Coin was around $45,000 per coin.


I refocused my eyes on the image of the young woman in the mirror. I pulled up my clit firmly and back between my firm cheeks, tucked my jewels up inside me in front and kept everything in place by pulling up the thong panties. Knowing that my clients always liked the camel toe look, I gave my low cut panties a tug and created a crease right between my thin legs. I glanced at the mirror and squared up to it. My thin, but athletic young legs had a large thigh gap between them at the top where they connected to my pelvis. The gaff panties with the camel toe crease made the top thigh gap look like a little heart. I smiled at the image. The clients today would not see it, but I would know it was there.


Putting on the hot pink platform 15cm stiletto shoes was fun. It always made me feel more confident when I added those 15cm. They made me look so tall and my legs so long. The last thing was a pair of fingerless hot pink lacey elbow length stretchy arm sleaves. .  They were tight and with my middle finger through the single loop, they remained in place after I pulled them up.  


I looked up at the reflection in the full length mirror again and let out a breath of satisfaction. I barely recognized the stunning young woman in the mirror, and only realized it was me when I smiled.  I was ready.


The boys were to knock on the door to the private room with a blindfold on. I would answer the door, make sure they had their blindfold on, and then would guide them to the chair in the middle of the room next to the fireplace. Maybe, if they were cute, I would let them feel me before I started. It always got them aroused to feel my slim body, tiny waist in my corset, my exposed breasts with always hard nipples, and my soft, silky smooth brunette hair which I would keep up in a high pony tail for the sessions . they always commented with adoration at my soft skin, an firm ass, if I allowed them a feel before sitting them down. \


After they were seated, I would unbutton their pants and pull down their pants, shorts, and pull up their shirts to inspect their cocks. They were to have groomed so that they had no pubic hair at all, and should have used a vanilla scented body lotion to ensure that things were enticing for me. This was part of the therapy and self confidence boosting aspects of the session. I was to praise their cocks, no matter how big or small, and do my best to build up each of their sense of self assurance. They were to feel better than when they started, and not just from a sexual satisfaction point of view .


The first boy was tall, over 2 meters and even in my heels, he towered over me. A football player, I was told later. His cock was huge. I kneeled between his hairy legs, but noticed that he was a good boy and his groin was well groomed and appropriately scented. I took in a deep breath and began. I first just lightly stroked his shaft with my small fingertips until it was rock hard. This technique always worked, and I think the blindfold heightened the sensations for the boys. I fluttered my tongue on the sensitive skin under his cock head and he moaned, producing a dollop of precum out of his pee hole.  I opened my mouth wide, curled my lips around my teeth, and extended my tongue to guide his cock into my wet mouth.   I was moaning through a mouth full of cock when the crown of his cock hit the back of my throat. I had long ago minimized my gag reflex with things going down my throat , but this boy was big. I gagged just a little as I pushed forward and allowed his long cock to penetrate my throat.  I pulled his cock down to achieve a better throat angle an felt the warmth of the fire on my ass as I took him down my young, elastic throat for the first time. He was not used to the sensation, especially when I used my swallowing technique to massage his cock in my throat. Just as I pulled back to get a breath, he erupted. In what seemed like only a 60 second session, a thick stream of cum filled my mouth, catching me by surprise. I swallowed instinctively, a small stream of cum tried to escape my mouth, but I sucked it in with a slurp . I glared at this boy, a bit unhappy that I did not get more practice with such a large cock, but in the end, it was all about getting the client to cum and many times, the quicker, the better.


His spent cock was put back into his shorts, and he pulled up his pants. There was to be no talking, but nonetheless, he thanked me for one of the best blow jobs of his life. 


Scarcely more than a moment passed after he exited the private room before a second knock on the door. I opened it, took the cute blindfolded black boy by the hand and led him over to the chair. This boy was already aroused and his cock was already tenting his pants. I quickly lowered his pants and silk boxer shorts to his ankles, before pushing him back into the chair. Sitting him down, I chose to have a little fun and straddled his thighs.  My soft inner thighs rested on his hairy thighs and I leaned in so he could feel my body heat.  He had a beautiful cock. Long, but not too long, and just the right thickness for my throat. I was going to enjoy this one, when I got to it. 


I pushed his cock up the crack of my ass, just to get it out of the way, and held up my left nipple to his mouth. He sensed the warm flesh immediately and like a good boy, opened his lips and sucked my nipple into his mouth. He was talented with his tongue and my nipple became hard, erect and engorged quickly. I pulled back and then offered him my right nipple, all the while, circling my hips on his thighs, feeling his rock hard cock slide up and down my ass crack on top of my soft thong gaff. He was moaning on my right nipple and after he had dutifully sucked it into a very aroused state, I whispered in his ear with a hot breath “Now for me to put something big, black and beautiful in my mouth!” I felt his cock twitch between my ass cheeks.


One more quick suckle of my nipples and then it was to my task. I lifted off so I could readjust his cock, making sure to rub it on my thong gaff between my lets. I was sure he thought it was a female pussy, and I let him keep that image in his head as I carefully slid off his lap and onto the soft, animal skin rug on the floor at the foot of the chair. I started with a double handed twisting motion to stroke his hard, erect cock along the length of his shaft.  Each time I reached the base of his cock, I would capture his cock in my mouth and give it a little suck and teasing tongue flick.  Up and down I went, enjoying how much the attention to his cock was getting him to moan. I would wrap my tongue briefly around the head of his cock before I pulled back to stroke down with my twisting hands again.  I felt his orgasm coming this time, paying attention to the tell tale twitching that betrayed his state of pre-orgasmic climax. â€˜Damn’, I thought. I wanted to deep throat this boy. I just got my mouth all the way around his cock head and closed my lips to create a seal when his beautiful cock sprayed cum, coating the inside of my mouth with his love juice.  I was amazed at the amount of cum that continued to flow from his cock as I continued with my double handed twisting motion with my hands, and hard sucking vacuum with my mouth.   I moaned quietly at the sugary sweet taste that filled my mouth and eagerly enveloped the boy’s cock, desperate to milk all the cum out of it I could. This boy’s cum was delicious. The nectar of the gods


As I milked the last drops from his cock, I reached down and pinched one of my nipples. It was always more arousing to have my nipples pinched with a cock in my mouth. Not sure why, but it was for sure a product of all those special training sessions with my Guardian Mistress in which, for a while, she trained me to start salivating each time she would put nipple clips on me, to get me used to producing oral lubrication for the cock or clit that would be inside my mouth. I just savored the moment, pinching my nipple and milking the boy’s beautiful cock until it deflated.


My clit ached and strained against my gaff, but this was not a session for my pleasure. That would come later, back at the Chateau with my Guardian Mistress.


The next boy knocked only seconds after the second boy left. He was eager  and also was sporting a large erection in his pants. Only moments later, I was back on my knees in front of the fire, his cock in my mouth, my fingers fondling his balls, teasing his anal star. â€œOh yes, you fucking whore, push your finger in my ass.” I was jolted by his inappropriate name calling, but this was why I was there. To let them vent, to build them up, to psychologically bolster their egos. I was also expanding my repertoire of experiences with clients. Not all clients will be gentlemen, or ladies, for that matter. His cock was smaller, only 10cm long. Instead of caressing and enveloping the erect cock in my mouth like I had before with the others, I just went for it and deep throated his small cock immediately. I pushed one, and then 2 fingers into his anal star and twisted them around. With his cock in my throat and fingers in his ass, he came in just 30 seconds.  I sucked him dry, but did not give him the loving attention I had given to the first two boys.  No love for those without passion for their lovers. He was gone in another 60 seconds.


The next boy announced that he was Robert. I never want to know their names, unless they are a special repeat client, so I dismissed his introduction with silence. After kneeling before him and reminding him that there was to be no touching unless I permitted it, he nevertheless grabbed my head and started to face fuck my head down onto his cock. Good thing was that he, too, was on the smaller side at only 10cm long and 2.5cm thick. I was about to hit my panic button, but realized that he was just excited, and did not seem to want to hurt me. No way he could hurt me with his small cock. I decided to go along with it as a learning experience, my finger hovering on the panic button clipped to my corset. As his cock ravaged the entrance to my throat, his balls slapping against my chin, I felt my excitement level rise . In certain circumstances, I am quite the submissive slave, as Monique, my rose community Mistress could attest to, as we have over the past yar engaged in many BDSM  sessions with her roughly face fucking me with large dildos.  Those sessions would really get me, and her, off.   . Something about the way he held me in place, exerting absolute control over me, sparked a fire in me. I liked it.  I looked up at him as I heard him grunting and then I felt his cock begin to jerk.

A groan later, he thrust his cock forward as hard as he could. I felt his cock twitching as spurt after spurt of cum shot directly down my throat, going straight into my tummy. After several seconds, he pulled back and then, to my surprise, two more ropes of cum erupted from his cok and splashed against my tongue. I swallowed them and, to my delight, found that the taste was sweet, the most sweet cum I had tasted so far. I licked my lips and contemplated making him cum again, but rules are rules and one cum a client for these sessions.  I told him that he was a bad boy for touching me, pinched his right nipple hard as punishment which made him groan in delight. In other circumstances, I would have loved to tie him up and fuck him like a good sissy boy, but that would be for another day. That his cum was so delicious, I just had to forgive him and told him so. This put a big smile on his face, and after all, that was my goal.


Boy after boy after boy knocked on the door that day. In all, I sucked off 30 boys and had a tummy full of cum chased with a bottle of chilled Crystal champagne. I finally locked the door and let the last boy know that the session time was finished. You always need a time limit with these sessions as with so many, they could become recharged and it would take all night to satisfy their needs.  I just sat in the same chair that 30 boys had sat, grabbed my chilled glass of Crystal champagne, and enjoyed a quiet moment of sipping the nectar in front of the fire. I felt good and closed my eyes to remember and savor the taste of the 30 loads of cum which I had taken in my mouth  that day. I was learning to control my arousal and after the 11th or 12th boy, I allowed my self the occasional nonejaculatory orgasm as a boy would shoot his cum in my mouth, all over my tongue. That was the best. Cum down my throat is exciting for the boys, but not for me. I love the taste and feel of the wiggling sperm on my tongue as I suck hard and make sure not to spill a drop of the salty sweet nectar. I allowed myself about 3 nonejaculatory orgasms and then just settled in to complete the group therapy sessions. After the third nonejaculatory orgasm, my clit stopped straining for release. I would get that soon enough with my Guardian Mistress who always got aroused as I would tell her the stories of the therapy sessions. The last thing in my mouth that day was her luscious 25cm clit. As she came that night in my mouth, on my tongue, I worked my own large clit into a simultaneous climax with her, and it brought me back to those first sessions in which I was not allowed to cum unless she was cuming in my mouth.




The taste of my own cum dribbling out of Shawna’s pussy brought me back to the moment.  The familiar taste gave me that same, familiar feeling, and my trigger was activated.


“Pausing, “Oh Mommy, you are going to make me cum again. Mommy, please, suck me, make me cum Mommy!”


With the taste of my own cum in my mouth, I came into Shawna’s mouth. She had pulled back so that just the head was inside her lips, using both hands to stroke my shaft up and down as I came, making sure to milk me as she sucked hard. 


“Holy fuck, Mommy, you are good, so good.”


“Ummmmm!” Shawna sighed with my first flickering dart of my tongue against her tingling clit. “Oh fuck yes, baby girl you know just what mommy needs!” I was in the perfect position to give back. 


My tongue burrowed into Shawna’s dripping pussy, my mouth sucking all the love juices out of it before focusing my attention on her wet throbbing clit, all the while, Shawna was still sucking my clit which, somehow, never deflated after my orgasm. The benefits of youth.


I worked my moist tongue up and down along the pink slit, pausing each time I reached the quivering stub of Shawna’s clit and giving it a playful little suck and nibble with my teeth that made the older woman gasp and grind her cunt harder into my face.

“Lick it, Katrina! Fuck yes mommy loves your tongue on my cunt!” Shawna urged me , thrusting her naked hips forward and pushing her dripping pussy into my face more. “Ohhhhh! You’re driving me wild with that tongue of yours! Suck my clit more! Suck it hard! Ohhhhhh! You’re making mommy feel so good!”

Shawna licked, sucked, nibbled, and lapped at my large clit deep in her mouth, circling the head with her tongue. I groaned in approval, and Shawna pressed her tongue into the pee hole to tease me. â€œoh, fuck. No, not that.” My words had no effect, she teased my pee hole until I almost bucked her off, I was so sensitive there after cuming in her mouth.


Shawna made loud smacking sounds as she sucked at the glistening golden pink flesh, burying her face down my clit shaft. We were in the perfect position for her to lift her head and achieve the best angle for deep throating. I groaned in pleasure when I felt her chin on my pelvis, her fingers caressing my jewels, probing my anal star again. I was in heaven, again.


“Oh mommy I love your fingers inside my T Girl pussy!” I sobbed with pleasure, my hands going around Shawna’s round ass to find her anal star and do the same. I dug my fingers into Shawna’s tight puckered anal star, and in the process, pulled the woman’s throbbing cunt tighter to my mouth. 


“Ohhhhh mommy! Your cunt tastes so good! It tastes even better than it smells! Ohhhh!” Another dribble of cunt juice and my cum fell into my sucking mouth which was vacuuming up all she could offer. She was squeezing her cunt to milk out the cum and I loved it.


Shawna tightened her hot thighs around my head, forcing me to suck  her cunt. Pumping her bare hips back and forth, she shivered every time my hot tongue stabbed her up her cunt, fluttering on and around her G Spot. I had two fingers in her ass now and wiggled them. I could feel Shawna groan on my clit as she felt her back door passage yield to my probing fingers, all slippery with her cunt juice, but pulsating with desire.


 Shawna paused her blow job and leaned in further between my legs. She pulled up my knees to expose my winking anal star. She licked and sucked at my young juicy t Girl pussy. The lush smell strong in her nostrils, Shawna probed with her tongue deep in my trembling T Girl cunt. My slick anal juices poured out of my perfectly bald anal star area, drenching Shawna’s face with sticky wetness, but Shawna only burrowed her face tighter into my anal star to French kiss me there.

Shawna moaned, “ Oh my little girl, my love, your tongue’s going so deep in my cunt! I can feel it licking at my insides! Ohhhh! Suck it, Katrina! Suck my cunt and make mommy come again with your mouth! Ohhhh! Keep flicking your tongue at mommy’s clit!”

Squirming like a live wire of electricity was running through her, Shawna felt my finger slide up further into her puckered asshole. Sucking Shawna’s pussy even harder, I jammed three of my fingers up Shawna’s anal tunnel at the same time, wriggling them around in her slippery rectum.

“ Oh my sexy daughter finger fuck the shit out of mommy’s asshole!” Shawna groaned.. “Ram your little fingers all the way up mommy’s ass! Ohhh baby girl, I love the way you’re eating my cunt! You are going to make mommy cum so good!”

I loved the dirty talk.


Pulling my firm ass-cheeks apart, Shawna pulled back her probing tongue, and shoved her index and middle fingers into my twitching anal star. . From where she lay on top of me, her head between my pulled up legs, next to my creamy soft, firm inner thighs, Shawna could see my winking and throbbing star. She watched as my star grip at her fingers. She pushed harder, her fingertips, first knuckles, second knuckles all the way to her hand go all the way up my tight, cute ass.


“Oh fuck mommy, I’m so close. You are going to make me cum all over your beautiful face again!” I rasped hoarsely, my mouth filled with Shawna’s pulsating pussy.


“My T Girl G Spot, Please, mommy, work my T Girl G Spot with your fingers. Oh mommy don’t stop!”

And then my thighs jerked taut around Shawna’s head, my cries of joy splitting the air as my climax bashed into me like the force of falling water. 


Shawna had managed to pull back enough to allow just my clit head to remain in her mouth while still finger fucking my T Girl pussy, and I felt her suck hard to pull the cum out of me, my convulsing clit squirting my girl cum all over the inside of Shawna’s mouth . My whole body jerked and wiggled as my narrow hips began to grind my young pelvis into Shawna’s face as hard as I could. My cum sucking tripper did it again, and it helped that Shawna was pretty good at targeting my anal G Spot with her fingers.

“Oh fuck mommy, I’m coming my fucking little clit off!” I gasped, my whole body going rigid. “Ohhhhh! Keep sucking my clit, keep fucking my T Girl pussy mommy! Suck it while I’m coming! Ohhhhh!” I screamed as another torrent of creamy cum flew from my clit. A back to back orgasm for me. 


Shawna opened her mouth and tried to take as much as she could into her mouth, but she wanted some of my cum to dribble out of her mouth and feel it drip down her chin, neck and onto her tits. She wanted me to suck it off her, I just knew it.


The cheeks of my tanned ass tightened together, my anal star slamming shut around Shawna’s jabbing fingers. My hot little T Girl pussy oozed juices, and I squirmed beneath this beautiful woman , my surrogate mommy for the day. 


At the same time I was cuming into Shawna’s mouth, my own mouth sucked frantically at Shawna’s swollen cunt lips. My lips sucked the older woman’s throbbing clit deep into my hot little mouth.

Shawna stiffened with a sharp cry and started coming again. She dug her nails into my hot little ass, pulling my legs up further so that she could release my clit an penetrate my anal star again with her long tongue. 


Shawna panted, “Uhhh oh baby girl shove your tongue all the way up mommy’s cunt! Deeper! Lick out my pussy! I love having my daughter’s mouth on my cunt! Ohhhhhh! Push your fingers deeper in my ass. Oh fuck, Katrina, what are you doing to me, Oh fuck, not again!”

Shawna pumped her bare ass with one jerky thrust after another, grinding her cunt into my soft little mouth. My 3 fingers were deep inside her ass, probing and teasing her anal G Spot. My mouth and teeth pulled on the older woman’s cunt lips as I struggled to suck Shawna’s clit deep into my mouth, trapping the fleshy clit between my hard teeth and soft tongue.  

Shawna was wild, with her fantasy of Katrina’s mouth clamped on her cunt. Shawna squirmed and wriggled smashing her hot cunt into my face, over and over, like she had a clit and was face fucking me. . Shawna straightened her slender legs, circling my head, crossing her knees and squeezing her strong thighs as tightly as she could to trap my face.


“Oh, Katrina, mommy loves how you eat my cunt. I’m going to drown your pretty face with mommy’s sweet cunt juice!”

Shawna, reached back, slapped a hand on the back of my head, grabbed a fistful of my hair,  and pulled my face into her cunt so my perfect teeth could nibble on her swollen clit. I had to pull my fingers out of her ass, her legs were just too strong. I contented myself on just reaching up, digging my sharp nails into the soft flesh of her ass cheeks and pressing hard. She would have 8 fingernail marks there for some time. 


Shawna’s mouth opened on a silent scream and she came groaning and thrashing, her pussy spraying cum all over my face and neck.  It was a big one and that was saying something given all the orgasms she had had already during our poolside session. 


“Oh baby girl, don’t stop, never stop, mommy is cumming again!” Shawna screamed as another flood of mommy cum spewed from her convulsing cunt and directly into my mouth.

I lapped and sucked on Shawna’s throbbing cunt until her body stopped jerking and shaking then Shawna rolled off of me. Crawling like a weak kitten, I made my way up into the older woman’s arms and collapsed again on her pillowy breasts to catch my breath.


“Oh Mandy, I’ve never had my pussy eaten that good,” Shawna said dreamily, sprawling out flat on her naked back with me snuggling on her pillowy breasts. â€œYour mouth felt like a hot little vacuum sucking at my cunt.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” My voice was but a whisper. Finally getting up on my knees, I looked down at my tits.

Cupping my deeply tanned tits in my hands, I squeezed myself gently. My dark nipples were so swollen they seemed ready to burst, the tips of them distended to the size of my little fingertips. I squeezed my bare tits again.

“Look how firm my tits are!” I said with a giggle. “I have firm tits, but They only get this firm when I’m really excited. And look how hard and stiff my nipples are — like little rocks!”

“Oh Mandy thank you for role playing Katrina for me, it was so fucking amazing. Look baby your clit is still dripping cum,” Shawna added with a soft laugh. She reached over and smeared the slick juice oozing out of my pee hole up and down my semi hard, dangling clit shaft.   Shawna then pushed me back, pushed my tanned inner thighs open with her fingers, grabbed my clit head, and started licking and cleaning all the residual cum she had just coated it with , taking my semi hard shaft easily all the way into her mouth and throat. 


“Damn, your clit tastes so fucking good!”


We both froze


We turned and suddenly looked up at the sound of the ornate iron gate swinging open.

A young Latino girl in only a bikini stepped into the pool area enclosure, then stopped abruptly when she saw us. She had black, soft curly hair flowing around her shoulders and down to the middle of her back. 


I relaxed but Shawna started to panic. 


“That’s Jasminea,” I giggled to Shawna who was grabbing pillows to cover herself. “She’s the daughter of our maid here and we let her come by the pool whenever she wants. I was not expecting her today, but happy to see her.” I then shyly looked down. â€œOh, yeah, she is also my, my experimental fuck buddy.” Not sure why I got shy right then after what we had just been doing, but I did.


Jasminea was wearing a black, sheer micro mini extra, extra small bikini I had given her for her birthday. It was just like mine, a bit smaller, and in a different color. Just like my hot pink one, it barely covered the young girl who had a towel in her hand. She was wearing high heeled sandals and her long legs glistened like she had already put on some sun tan lotion. Despite being my same age, Jasminea was much more petite than me. Her breasts were not yet fully developed and were probably A cups, but her nipples were long, longer than mine and I marveled at how they created mini shadows under the sheer fabric of the bikini top.   Her nipples betrayed her arousal. What had she seen.


While I was very thin, I was all muscle. Jasminea was a petite, thin biological girl with no muscle definition, but did look like a super model in that small bikini. She, too, had pulled up her bottoms high enough for the fabric to crease between  her natural girl pussy lips, and she looked hot as she strode over to us, displaying her camel toe, her mischievous  eyes searching the area.


I motioned for Jasminea to come over to where we were in the cabana. 

“This is Shawna,” I introduced the stunning teen to the older woman. â€œGuess what we were just doing, Jasminea?”

As both Shawna and I were naked, flush with exertion like we had just ben working out, smelled like cum, an both had JBF hair, I wondered how Jasminea would respond.


“What?” she asked, smiling a sly smile, as if she already knew. “and what’s with your tits?  They are huge right now.” A devilish grin on her lips.

“Eating each other.” I smiled back at her wickedly. “Want to join us?”

Shawna felt a surge of excitement shoot through her cunt, and she looked up to see the hot little body, nod with obvious eagerness. Shawna’s eyes took in the sweet little camel toe in Jasminea’s bikini bottoms and it was apparent that she was contemplating what the hot little pussy might look like. Shawna squirmed and lifted up her leg to put her foot by her knee in a flirty gesture, exposing her wet pussy to the young girl.


“Do you mind if I join you?” Jasminea asked Shawna.

Trembling, the pretty blonde realty agent whispered back, “I wish you would.”

Each of us took one of Jasminea’s hands and guided her onto her knees on the plush bed. Shawna and I pulled the fresh, young nubile girl down onto the bed between us. She was on her side, facing me. I leaned in and she gave me a quick kiss. No tongue. Maybe she was a little embarrassed with Shawna there. Her eyes lowered, not knowing what to expect next. Jasminea’s right leg naturally curled around my hip as she started to grind her pussy against my clit, and then Shawna noticed it.


“Who is Mia Love?


“What, who?” I responded, not making the connection yet and not knowing how Shawna would know my Aunt’s real name .


It looks like this cute little thing is the ‘Property of Mistress Mia Love’. Is she your sex slave, or something?”


“Mis Mia Love is my Guardian Mistress, my Aunt, and she owns this Chateau, and everything else you see. Sex Slave? No, just a devoted, passionate young girl who loves to work here. The tattoo is just a symbol of how much she loves this place, loves my guardian Mistress, loves me.” ”


Jasminea in her cutest, sexiest voice added: “and what would you do with me if I were a sex slave?”


In my arms, Jasminea was blushing hard.  She nuzzled her face in my neck and gave me soft kisses, flicking her tongue on my ear and neck.


“Well, sex slave or not, she is such a pretty young thing. I like it that you have such fun friends Katrina. Can she play with us”


Jasminea’s eyes snapped open and looked at me. I just winked for her to go along.  


“yes Mommy, , and she is definitely a ‘fun’ friend.” I pushed Jasminea away and onto her back so that she was between Shawna and I , her back on the bed.  â€œlet’s unwrap this fun present, shall we Mommy?”


With Jasminea on her back, we slowly pulled the tie strings, and pulled off her cute sheer black bikini. I tossed it aside. “You will not be needing this for a while, babe.”


“What a pretty pussy!” Shawna sucked in her breath, staring at the hot little teen cunt.


Jasminea spread her thin thighs and her little hairless, bald cunt opened like a pink orchid. Shawna thought she could see the little cunt lips twitch, already wet with the young Latino’s arousal, pussy juices flowing.

“We’ll take turns eating your cunt, Jasminea,” I purred into her ear. 


“What about these?” Jasminea cupped her small breasts and fingered the stiff, erect nipples. 


Shawna licked her lips. I could tell that she wanted to suckle the teen’s nipples badly.


In a sexy whisper, I responded. â€œAll in good time, babe.”


I got in between her legs, pushed her soft inner thighs apart, got onto my knees, leaned my face in, and took a long slow lick along Jasminea’s puffy little pussy, all the while maintaining eye contact with Shawna. 


“Mommy, May I play with my friend? Would you help me play with my cute friend? Please Mommy?


Again, Jasminea was confused until she saw me wink at her, and then went along with the role play.


“yes, miss, miss…”


“Miss Summers, but you can call me Shawna.”


“yes, OK. Miss Summers, I mean, Shawna, Miss Shawna, can your daughter play with me?


The lust in Shawna’s eyes was obvious. â€œof course, Jasminea, is it? Of course you may play with my daughter Katrina. I will help. Shawna’s eyes narrowed. â€œWe’re going to lick and suck your sweet little pussy until you cum Jasminea, then we will suck the cum right out of your tight little pussy on this play date.” Shawna leaned over and took one of Jasminea’s long, erect nipples in her soft mouth and started suckling. Gentle at first, and Jasminea looked at me.


“I like this one,” Jasminea cooed.  As she started to moan. She reached up and petted Shawna’s blonde hair. “be a good Mommy and suck my cute little nipples.” She threw her head back in delight as Shawna increased the suction around her nipple, drawing more blood into the nipple tip, and then nibbling on it.


While Shawna flicked her tongue back and forth over Jasminea’s nipples, I started on her clit, then worked my way down lower to slipped my tongue into the girl’s tight little cunt.


Shawna moved to Jasminea’s other hard nipple and sucked it into her pretty mouth. Shawna sucked at Jasminea’s stiff little nipples until Jasminea was writhing on the bed .

 then Shawna reached up and while biting Jasminea’s left nipple, pinched her right one. Immediately, I noticed a mini squirt of cum flood out of Jasminea’s cunt directly into my mouth. I was not expecting Jasminea to cum so soon, but welcomed the occasion by sucking hard and making sure that none of her cum escaped my lips. 


Shawna loved the slick stiffness of Jasminea’s sweet tasting nipples. â€œKatrina, stick a finger in your cute girl friend while I work on her up here.”


I nodded, and ran my pink tongue back and forth across Jasminea’s clit, then with out warning slipped a finger into the brown girls soaking cunt.

Shawna suckled and nibbled on Jasminea’s nipples an her moaning was now almost constant. â€œfuck, yes, Mandy, Oh fuck yes.”


“Call her ‘Katrina’ please Jasminea.” Shawna paused her nipple suckling just enough to ask that the role play of her and her daughter continue.


“Of course Miss Shawna, of course. Katrina, Oh fuck. Katrina. Your mouth feels so good. Use another finger please, Oh. Yes. Katrina, play with me.”


“Oh that feels so good!” Jasminea shivered, closing her eyes and laying her head back on a pillow. “Lick my little cunt all over Katrina!”

Unable to contain herself any longer with the sight of my cute, firm ass up in the air, my face buried in the stunning teen’s pussy, Shawna crawled around to be behind me.   She scooted forward  so that her face was right next to my out-thrust ass. She wedged her face into the hollow between my firm ass cheeks, beginning to extend and point her tongue, aiming it at my anal star. This was really a fantasy of mine. To be rimmed while I got a girl off. 


“Suck on her wet pussy lips Katrina. Make her cum like you just made Mommy cum. Be a good girl.”


“yes Mommy.”


“I love the role play.” Jasminea whispered to me, wiggling her hips sensuously.


Jasminea was moaning with the quick, flicking, fluttering tonguing I was giving her.  She spread her knees wider on the bed , giving me more room to work . With my hands cupping Jasminea’s cute, young ass cheeks to lift her up a bit, I started tongue fucking Jasminea’s hot little cunt with her legs spread wide, knees slightly bent and up to give me greater access.


As for Shawna, she ran her tongue up and down my ass crack, lapping at my anal star, making sure to lubricate it with her oral juices. She started flicking and fluttering her tongue all around my star. When I pushed back, she knew what I wanted. She pointed her tongue and pushed it all the way up into my puckered anal star . She started French kissing my back door passage, and I squirmed in delight, spreading my knees to open up further for her, wiggling my ass for her in delight. I spread my knees even further apart and she dug her fingernails deep into the crack of my ass to pull me apart. I felt the nails dig into the soft flesh and knew that I would not be the only one with fingernail bruises on her ass today. The effect was that Shawna could pry apart my ass cheeks and plunge her long tongue deeper inside me, reaching my anal G Spot with her tongue. My clit responded instantly . Despite cumming so many times already, my youthful body bounced back and was ready for more, my clit engorging quickly and dangling between my thighs as it became stiff again.


As for me,   I was sucking the juices right out of Jasminea’s cunt as quickly as she could produce them, making sure to nibble and make little figure eight movements of my tongue on her sensitive clit. With no one to play with her nipples, Jasminea was pinching and pulling her own nipples, gasping in pleasure, and telling me that she was about to cum. Jasminea was shaking uncontrollably.


“It’s your turn Mommy. Come taste Jasminea’s hot little cunt,” I breathed finally after a long session of hard sucking on her clit, edging Jasminea as well as I could so that Shawna got the benefit of her cum juices. Jasminea was a squirter, and if I played this right, Shawna could get a girl cum shower out of it.


I pulled myself away from the sweet little pussy, and made room for Shawna.  Crawling around Jasminea who was panting, I got into a 69 position with her and watched Shawna crawl up between her thin, brown legs, push them wide apart, and dive into her cunt, tongue extended and eager with anticipation.


“that’s it Mommy, suck her pussy. Make her cum. Bite her clit and finger fuck the little minx.”


I grabbed a pillow, put it under Jasminea’s back and let her head fall to the bed. Perfect, I thought. It has been a while since I gave a proper face fucking to my cute fuck buddy and this was the ripe opportunity to do so. I reached down between us, lined up the tip of my clit to her willing, eager mouth, and slipped in the head.


“Be a good girl Jasminea. Curl your lips around your teeth. I do not want any teeth scraping like last time. I was sore for a week.” I put my hand behind her head to angle her mouth just right, and then slowly, ever so slowly, I inched forward. I could feel her fluttering tongue dance on my clit as I slid centimeter after centimeter into her wet, warm oral love tunnel.   â€œGood girl. That’s a good girl. Just like that. Take it. Take it all today. I will be gentle,.”


Jasminea nodded as well as she could, and I continued pushing until I could feel the tip of my clit hit the back of her mouth at the entrance to her throat. 


“Relax for me baby.” Feeling her loosen up her jaw and throat, I pushed further and felt her head go back to achieve the best angle. Then I felt it. My tip pushed its way into her slender throat. She stopped breathing and I pushed all the way in. She was a good girl and practiced regularly deep throating 30cm sausages so that her gag reflex was basically gone. We would sometimes practice together using the large, slippery sausages in all of our holes on sexy playdates when Jasminea was not cleaning the Chateau. I watched as my clit expanded her throat from the outside. Even Shawna stopped her cunt licking to watch my clit disappear into her mouth and bulge out her throat.  I noticed that tears were forming in Jasminea’s eyes, a natural reflexive reaction to a large object being inserted into her throat.  Tears of joy, I thought and smiled as I wiped them off her cheeks with my thumbs. I then reached up to fondle her large, sensitive nipples with my delicate fingers, occasionally pinching them to get her to moan with my clit in her mouth.


I was glowing with appreciation for Jasminea. I realized how dedicated Jasminea was to me and how much of a friend she was, beyond being my personal maid when Serena, her Mommy was not around, she was my consummate fuck buddy and best friend. My mind wandered back to when we first met.




it was during the Thanksgiving holiday 7 months ago. I was on break from Vixen College and was just lazing around my Guardian Mistress’s Chateau, sitting in a plush chair in front of the fireplace in the library room. It was stormy outside and it just felt so cozy to be snuggled up in front of the warm fireplace hearth enjoying a classic book from Mark twain, but I could not get the thought out of my mind .


Our maid’s daughter, Jasminea, had shown up today to assist her with the cleaning. Jasminea had been doing something else and had not worn her official LaPerla designer maid uniform. Good thing my Guardian Mistress was not around to see that. Serena was a bit behind and could not afford to send Jasminea home to change, so she just told her what and where to clean for the day. 


Jasminea was in a skin tight crop top which displayed her wafer thin waist, barely covered her bra which supported small, but perky tits, and a pair of skin tight jeans. She was wearing platform high heel sandals and she looked like she was all legs.

I could not get the image out of my mind of her visible camel toe in those tight, pulled up jeans, how the fabric clung to her cunt lips. How her wafer thin brown waist contrasted with the light colored jeans, accentuating her slim, but noticeable hour glass figure.  How the seam in back seemed to be very deep and individually separated her young firm ass cheeks like she was wearing a body suit. After a while of failing to clear my head, I just resigned myself to the thought that I would untuck my clit and rub out a quick orgasm by the fire, thinking of the young girl and what I would do if given the opportunity to schedule a “play date” with her. I had to relieve the pressure in my young clit somehow.


My fingers slipped beneath the crotch band of my thong gaff panties and wriggled inside the fabric to fish out my tucked clit.  I leaned back in the plush chair an slowly stroked my clit, I circle jerked myself for a long time, edging the feeling to ride out an elongated orgasm, but there was something missing and I just could not climax despite the wicked thoughts of being with Jasminea. If only I had a clit or cock to suck. Damn my Guardian Mistress for implanting that trigger into my psyche .  


I wondered what would happen if I could arrange to get Jasminea to come into the library room to clean . Right then, the door to the library rattled.


Someone was coming in. In a panic, I tried to retuck my clit into my thong panties. Almost impossible when I am anywhere near aroused .


With the tip of my clit spilling out the side of my thong panties, me standing with my pants around my thighs, trying to work things, Jasminea walked in carrying cleaning supplies.


“Nice, “ Jasminea said in a soft voice, “Mmm I noticed you when I arrived. You were staring at my crotch and crop top when I walked past you this morning. No eye contact at all. Tisck, tisck. What manners you have. But really, no big deal, “gesturing to my clumsy attempts to get things tucked and squared away.   â€œNeed any help with that?” She gestured at my crotch.  I blushed in response.


“With a body like yours, I would be Horney all the time as well.” She winked and searched around the room to determine where to start cleaning as if finding me with my hands down my pants was the most natural thing in the world. . 


In the fright of the moment, my clit deflated and I was able to get it tucked back in place, pulled up my pants an tried to collect myself. I walked over to the velvet couch by the fireplace. I sat and took in a deep breath to calm myself. After a moment, I patted the cushion beside me.


  â€œWell, maybe we could talk about cleaning this room before you start,” I squeaked out in a soft, shy voice.


Jasminea, very confident for her age, sized me up and sauntered over to where I was seated.   She looked at the fire roaring in the fireplace, and decided to sit closer to the fire, on the opposite end of the couch from me.   It was a test.


“No, no, come closer, You are so cute, so young, so sexy, I thought we could get to know each other a bit. I have very few friends my age and..”


I stopped abruptly at her actions.  Rather than getting up and walking closer to sit down, she got onto all fours and crawled like a kitten on the couch to me, wiggling her cute, small ass in those skin tight jeans, her wafer thin waist swaying and her crop top riding up her chest a bit.


When she reached me, she nuzzled her soft cheek against mine, purred like a kitten and crawled even closer so that her knees were next to my left thigh.


“Close enough Mandy?” It was barely a whisper, a soft sexy whisper.


She was a mystery. I needed to break the spell she was casting, but it was powerful. 


“Well, I want to get a good look at you. You’re such a lovely girl. I hope you won’t take this the wrong way, but you remind me so much of myself a few years ago.”  I ran my fingers through her thick, black hair. She purred more and pushed her face into my neck to snuggle me as I petted her hair.  â€œSuch beautiful thick black hair you have.”


“Actually, you know, we are the same age. At least that is what my Mom told me. I understand that you know my Mom well, very well. “ she was slyly smiling and batting her eye lashes at me in a flirty gesture .


I wondered if her Mommy , my Serena, my personal love coach, had told her about our love making sessions. The thought of snuggling with Serena’s daughter was exciting and I wanted this to continue. A quick flash of Serena Jasminea and I in a three way hit me and I shudder in delight. Maybe, I thought. Maybe later, but right now I just want Jasminea.


“I’ve always wished I had brunette hair like yours,” Jasminea sighed and continued to nuzzle me. “But your fingers in my hair feel so wonderful. More please.”  She continued to purr like a kitten and nuzzle my neck. Wow, this young girl I liked a lot.


“Y-you could always dye it,” I stammered, nervous from this little vixen’s attention.

“No, I’m talking about being a natural brunette,” Jasminea laughed. “All over. If you know what I mean.”


Jasminea stopped laughing, but her smile stayed fixed on her face as she stared into my eyes. “Are you a brunette all over?” , she said evenly. “I bet you are.” She looked right at my crotch.


“Well, uh, yes…” I self-consciously answered, “that is, uhm, if I had any hair at all down there.” This was moving into ‘point of no return territory and I loved how the sexual tension was building. Gone were thoughts of cleaning the room at this point.


“Mmmm, perhaps I shouldn’t say this, but thinking of you all smooth, bald and hairless down there… that turns me on,” Jasminea cooed. “All of a suddenly I have this picture of you in my mind that just won’t go away. I think you must know what I’m talking about.”

“You mean… without any clothes on?” I gulped some more. You almost saw me half naked when you walked in.


“Say ‘nude’,” Jasminea said. “It’s such a sexy word. It fits you.” I was really warming to this teenager, a girl my own age. So confident, so petite, but tall. Very much a model look like myself. I, myself conjured up an image of Jasminea nude. It made me smile, a lust filled smile.


Continuing to stroke Jasminea’s hair, I slid my other arm around her tiny bare waist, just above her skin tight jeans, but under the crop top which had ridden up a bit to expose part of her bra as she stretched like a kitten in my arms.  I traced a random pattern on her soft, youthful skin right above her jeans at her lower back, causing her to shiver. Despite her jeans being skin tight, there was no excess skin, fat or any muffin top at the top of her jeans. She was truly lean, with no fat anywhere. 


As I stroked her lower back, tracing a finger under the top of her tight jeans towards her tight, cute ass, I asked, “Do you have a tattoo like your Mom”




Her dark eyes looked up at me, probing.


“Oh, you mean this?” She reached under her tummy, unclipped her jeans and pushed them down to her hips, and then came back down to her elbows, her hands on my thighs, coaxing me to again stroke her lower back like a kitten.  She was wearing no panties.

There it was. My guardian Mistress’s brand. “Property of Mistress Mia Love.”


I will never get over the shock of finding the exact same tattoo on the lower back of Serena, my maid when we first made love together. Serena had told me the story of her fleeing Columbia and how my guardian Mistress had basically saved her when she was pregnant with Jasminea. The tattoo was a reminder of the lifelong debt she owed to my guardian Mistress, but the part I will never, I mean never, get over was that I had discovered the name and identity of my guardian Mistress, My Aunt, via the tattoo.   The bond between Serena and I that fateful day several years ago was forged in steel. I even contemplated getting a similar Tattoo as I, too, was indebted to my Guardian Mistress, but she had discouraged it as it might reduce my value as a high end sexual therapist in the profession.  I had made sure to let her know that if she ever asked me to get a similar tattoo on my lower back to brand me, to make sure that I knew I was her property, I would, in a second.


Here was the same tattoo on Jasminea’s lower back. I fingered the lettering and just purred, “So nice, so cute, so sexy!”


Jasminea looked up at me.    , searching, wondering what would be next.  with her nuzzling my neck on the couch, it was time.


 â€œI’ll bet you’re beautiful in the nude,” I whispered in her ear.


“I-I really can’t say,” That would be for someone like you to judge. Her hot breath caused goose bumps on the skin of my neck. 


It was now or never, I thought.


“Want to know exactly what I’m thinking, Jasminea?”


It seemed that Jasminea didn’t know how to answer, so she just nuzzled again, this time, a bit lower and on the side of my breast, working her way around to my hard nipple nearest to her. She was going to make me show my poker hand . I really like this girl.


“I have this picture of you in my mind,” I offered in a sexy voice. â€œYou’re lying on the bear rug over there in front of the fireplace,. Nude. Looking at me, waiting for my instructions. You spread your legs and your beautiful smooth, bald cunt is wide open. You put your fingers between your thighs and stroke your pussy when I tell you to do so. Just right. The way a girl can only do to herself, as your orgasm builds, you look into the fire.”


Jasminea started to say something. But all that came out of her mouth was a long, throaty moan. She ;locked eyes with me, nuzzled the side of my Brest, opened her lips, leaned in to kiss my breast, and then, in a surprise move, bit my nipple poking through the fabric.  She kept the flesh in the grips of her perfect, white teeth, waiting for my next move.


“I bet your pussy is so soft, smooth, and wet right now thinking of the image I just placed in your head.” I continued in a low, sexy voice. â€œYou are getting wetter right now, concerned that you will start showing a damp spot on your tight jeans at any moment. Jasminea was squirming now, and tightening the grip of her teeth on my nipple. I was about to whimper when she finally release my nipple, a wet spot on my blouse where her mouth had been.


Jasminea realized that I was taking control from her. She let go with her teeth and just bit her lower lip in a flirty gesture.


”yes, as you lie on the white bear rug, your pussy is wet and throbbing. When I tell you to do so, you will touch your clit, in just moments, you will come all over your hand, lift your fingers to your mouth and look at me as you lick your cum off your fingers, like a good kitty. , and the thought of taking off all your clothes right now, in front of me, laying down on the white bear skin rug in front of the fireplace is really turning you on. You want to play with your soft, tight pussy right now, right here, on the bear rug, in front of me, don’t you?”


Jasminea was stunned. Sexual playfulness is one thing, but I just went all in in this poker game an she knew that her chips were limited.  She was rubbing her thighs together as if she was experiencing a finger on her cunt right now. 


“Mmmm, yes, your young cunt is so beautiful, so smooth, so ripe, so wet right now,” I purred into her ear. â€œYou wish you had someone to share it with. Someone who really understands a girl’s needs.” This broke her.


Now Jasminea spoke. “Oh, yes, yes,” she murmured in a shy voice now. Not so confident. 


“Only another young girl like me can understand how a young girl like you feels about these things, knows what you need, knows how to touch you, instruct you, love you.”  Jasminea cooed and brought her lips close to mine and grabbed my hand on her waist and thrust it between her legs, right on her camel toe, her jeans now unbuttoned. She was squirming like she wanted them off. She was wet.


“Miss Mandy, would you, could you…?” Jasminea had her mouth right next to my ear and I could feel her hot breath on my ear lobe. Her voice was shaking. 

I said nothing, just put a finger under her chin and guided her lips to mine. Our kiss was so genuine, so honest, so raw, so passionate. Neither of us had any lipstick on and we took full advantage of not worrying about messing each other up with stray streaks of lipstick. My tongue made the first move, tenderly licking and flicking her lower lip, and then nudging its way into her wet mouth. Jasminea responded with her tongue, small and delicate, but forceful. She had just folded her poker hand and I was raking in the chips. Our passion was so real, our lips so hungry for each other. It was electric.


We sprawled on the couch, me pushing her backwards, onto her back, me on top,. My hands expertly stripped Jasminea’s skimpy clothing in such a way that Jasminea instantly felt unnatural being anything other than nude in my presence. She had been waring no panties and the bra was a front clasp type so in just moments, she was completely nude, other than her brilliant smile. She returned her gaze up to me, her hands softly stroking my sides. I leaned down. We kissed again, this time, she lifted her long legs and wrapped them around my tiny waist in an obvious gesture of submission.   I fondled her small, firm, perky breasts with long, dark nipples which were hard and erect as our lips touched.


I broke the kiss to push Jasminea off the couch.


“Now, get on the rug. I want to watch you play with yourself just as I described, in front of the fireplace.”


Jasminea almost fell off the couch with excitement. She crawled over to the rug like a kitty, got on the rug, her back to the fire, spread her long legs and opened up her pussy like a flower in full bloom. I watched with hunger as she inserted a finger into her mouth, flicked it with her pink tongue, closed her lips around it, sucked it in and out of her mouth like she was giving it a blow job, and kept eye contact with me the entire time. Only after it was glistening with her saliva, did she lower it to her clit to start rubbing. She held her torso up with one hand behind her back and played with her cunt the fingers of her other hand. She was so aroused that it took only 2 minutes for her to cum as she stared back at me with those beautiful brown eyes. It was a small orgasm, at least small in relation to those that would come later in the day, but it shook her entire body. When finished, she scooped her finger into her wet cunt lips, brought her fondling finger to her mouth and, again, sucked it into her wet mouth to savor her cum juices.


“Like that Miss Mandy? Is that what you wanted to see?” She was purring .


When Jasminea saw that I was now on the floor, crawling towards her, she instinctively spread her legs, lifted up her arms an beckoned me to her. She was proudly showing her tight young pussy, her firm breasts, erect nipples, her brilliant smile to me to let me know that I should think of her as my play toy. .

The next kiss was my lips on Jasminea’s open cunt. A long, lingering French kiss with plenty of tongue. Jasminea came in just a matter of seconds. As she climaxed, the sound of her moans and the sounds of my slurping up her pussy juice was music to my ears.


“that was fast. Two orgasms in 2 minutes. You must have been really excited.”


“You know I was. Your dirty talk about me in front of the fire on the bear skin rug. That really got me turned on Miss Mandy.”  I smiled and licked my lips which were glistening with her pussy juices.


Jasminea encouraged me with her eyes to continue the play session.  The more aroused I became. The less concerns I had about whether Jasminea really knew what she was getting herself into. I loved everything about the young girl’s pussy, the taste and smell of it, tangy sweet, pungent but so clean tasting. I leaned in, pushed Jasminea towards the fire so that she was lying on her back on the plush rug . Watching the firelight dance on her soft, smooth skin was intoxicating, as was how large her nipples were rising from the centers of her small, but firm breasts. 


“Now what are you going to do?” Jasminea asked playfully.


“Looks like I have some cleaning to do since the young lady who came in here to clean has fallen down on the job.” I winked and nestled between Jasminea’s thin, tone thighs. 

The young girl’s clit popped up like a little button when I spread Jasminea’s outer lips and I couldn’t get enough of the slick clit flesh on my tongue tip.  I used the flat part of my tongue to lap up the dribbling cunt juices, swiping from her anal star all the way to her clit. She shuddered in response.


I then pushed my pink tongue into the girl’s pussy and plunged it in and out as I lapped the girl’s juices which were free flowing gnow. Jasminea seemed to be approaching another climax. To push things along, I jammed my middle finger into the tightest pussy I had ever felt. Jasminea squirmed as I began moving the finger in and out, focusing on her pussy G Spot each time I plunged deep inside her. At the same time, I renewed my loving attention on Jasminea’s inviting little clit. I sucked Jasminea’s clit into my mouth and let it slip out again against my pursed lips. I spit saliva on the young girls clit then sucked it up again, repeating the mini blow job motion with my lips over and over again. Jasminea was moaning in delight.


Jasminea was gripping the long fibers of the rug with her hands, as her body began to tremble.


 â€œOh fuck Miss Mandy, so good, so fucking good don’t stop!” 


I took a second finger and slid it into the tight throbbing cunt hole as I continued to nibble on the little girls tender clit with my teeth. Within seconds Jasminea erupted, as she bucked her hips, arched her back, and pressed her pussy into my face. 

Jasminea went through a another series of multi-orgasmic climaxes as I sucked Jasminea's clit between my lips, worked her G Spot with my fingers, and made vibrating sensations with my lips with each lip stroke of her long clit nub. 


Jasminea melted down into the plush rub, panting and toying with her nipples. I looked up and watched as the fire seemed to literally come out of her chest, her face and nipples silhouetted and back lit by the fire flames. It was magical.


After Jasminea had recovered a devilish thought hit me.


“Up now. Get on all fours and face the fire.” 


Jasminea looked puzzled. I had not yet taken off my clothes so she was I am sure wondering what I was going to do with her in this position.  


"What are you going to do to me Miss Mandy?" Jasminea said still flush and a little panting from her string of multi-orgasmic climaxes, now up on her elbows looking at me with sparkling brown eyes. She tucked a strand of hair behind her left ear in a flirty gesture, not sure what I was going to do with, to, her as she wiggled her cute, small ass in anticipation of what was to come.


"Take you to places you've never been before, you hot, cute, fuck toy. now do as I say," I hissed at her in a commanding voice.

Jasminea obeyed. She turned around and placed her knees on the plush rug, spread them wide, pushed up her ass, arched her back and flipped her thick, black hair onto her back as she settled into her doggy position, pushing up her ass and arching her back to make it all the more inviting for me.


I started out placing soft kisses on Jasminea's lower back, back of her thighs, working my way all over Jasminea's tight, firm, soft and smooth young ass. Then I moved to the dimple at the top of Jasminea's crack, running my tongue along the dimple, as Jasminea cooed and sighed. Jasminea wiggled her ass in my face as I teased her dimple.

Then I started to move my tongue down Jasminea's crack, as Jasminea started a small circling motion with her hips, she moaned, "Oh ya....that feels so fucking good. My Mommy told me that you loved a tongue in your ass. So do I. Please, please French kiss my beautiful star!” Jasminea was spreading her knees even further apart to give me more access.


To help me, Jasminea dropped her head to the rug and reached back. She instinctively used her slender fingers to pull her cheeks wide apart, as I slipped my tongue between Jasminea's cheeks. I slowly trailed my tongue from the top of Jasminea's ass down to her pussy, where I licked Jasminea’s sweet cunt lips which were glistening again with her arousal.


I moved my tongue back up again, and pause, letting my tongue circle Jasminea's anal star, then with the tip of my tongue penetrated the young girl’s hot pink, puckered star. She clinched her star and it took all my tongue strength to push past her outer sphincter ring . At the same time, I twisted one finger into Jasminea's wet pussy. I was gripping her small, tight ass cheeks and pushing my tongue deep into her back door love tunnel, making small circles, darting it in and out, all the while maintaining full lip contact with her rose bud in a loving, frenzied French kiss.


I was intoxicated with the taste of the young teen’s perfect little ass. I drove my tongue as deep into Jasminea’s anal star as deep as I could and felt the young girl begin to relax both her anal star and cunt muscles. Her cunt was so slick I could now pump two fingers into her pussy without too much resistance . I removed my tongue and spit onto the cute girl’s winking anal star which was eager for more attention. I then used the fingers of my other hand trace a circle around Jasminea’s puckered and winking star.   I wanted my fingers in Jasminea’s anal star and pussy at the same time. Without warning I twisted my left index finger into Jasminea’s ass while pumping two fingers of my right hand into her young cunt.

“Oh fuck, what are you doing to me Mandy…Oh fuck I never felt anything so hot. Oh fuck you’re gonna make me cum again!”


I felt the girl’s star and cunt as they both pulled on my fingers. Jasminea began to lose control and wildly humped back onto my fingers in an attempt to get me to drive them deeper into her ass and cunt.  Then she froze. I was not sure for a second what had happened, but then I heard it.


Jasminea exploded in a powerful orgasm and let out a low guttural moan the likes of which I had not heard before.  Her star was gripping my left index finger and her pussy was gripping my right index and middle fingers. I was amazed at how her two holes were pulsating in rhythm with each other as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss hit her. I added another finger to her ass, found her anal G Spot, moved my right fingers, found her pussy G Spot, and simultaneously massaged both erogenous areas with figure 8 patterns. Jasminea was bucking and cumming over and over with 5 of my fingers in her two holes. Her young body convulsed against my fingers but she rode them not wanting me to remove them until her multi-faceted, multiple orgasms had rolled out.  I worked her holes for another 2 full minutes and finally, she collapsed onto her elbows and rocked forward so that she was flat on the plush rug. As she rocked forward, she pulled herself off my fingers and shuddered as both sets of fingers were pulled out of her quivering anal star and pussy. 


It was all I could do to restrain myself from climbing onto her right then, right there, and drill her winking anal star with my clit which was screaming to be released.  I just fantasized about fucking her cute, tight anal star on the rug in front of the fire, but shook the thought from my mind. Another time, I concluded . She probably is not ready for my large clit in her star yet.


I sat back on my heels, between Jasminea’s splayed legs, waiting to see what would happen next.


Jasminea rolled over and reached up to me. I crawled over her and she pulled me down to her, lining up our lips as I gently lowered my body weight onto her slim frame.  Jasminea began kissing me, all over my lips, neck, forehead, nose, chin, all with soft, baby kisses in appreciation.


Jasminea pushed me up so I was on all fours above her She opened my blouse and caressed my breasts. My 32D cup breasts were much larger than her 30A breasts, and my nipples were very sensitive, hard, and in need of attention. Jasminea kissed her way down to my breasts, pausing to cup, squeeze and fondle my firm, dangling breasts above her face. Jasminea began flicking her thumbs over my stiff nipples, and then lifted her head to softly kiss each of them several times before letting her head fall back on the plush rug.


"Oh Mandy, your breasts are so beautiful, I hope mine will look like yours someday." Jasminea kissed my nipples again, this time, using tongue and her lips to caress and adore my hard nubs. â€œ â€œTake me to bed, Mandy,” Jasminea moaned, knowing that the sheets would be silky soft hot pink satin as she had just changed them on my bed.


Hoping that we would not be seen, I told Jasminea to collect her clothes and took her hand to lead her to my bedroom suite upstairs. I squeezed her hand gently as we walked silently on the marble floors, up the elegant marble spiral staircase and finally into my room. It felt like we were doing something naughty or wrong, but in reality, there was nothing inappropriate about our lust for each other. Just two young girls, friends, exploring each other’s bodies.


When we finally entered into my bedroom suite, I let go of Jasminea’s hand. She dropped her clothes on a flush arm chair near the window and ran to the bed naked. She jumped onto it and snuggled back to lean against the many pillows adorning the four poster solid wood high profile bed. She was such a thin, beautiful light brown skinned girl, she contrasted beautifully against the cream colored duvet cover on the bed. I was so aroused watching her giggle with excitement and hug a pillow to her chest.  I quickly got out of my clothes and joined her on the bed.


Within seconds, Jasminea was spread-eagled on the duvet cover with her knees raised. In something of a gymnast move, she pulled her knees up to her breasts and then pushed them out like she was doing the splits. It was so erotic to watch her flower unfold before my eyes. Her bald smooth pussy looked like a delicate flower glistening after a Spring rain shower. I could not resist.


“You are quite the beautiful flower opening up for me, aren’t you! And you are so wet.”


She did not respond with words, but her Cagle muscles relaxed and contracted so that her pussy opening was winking at me. She blew me a kiss with her lips and looked down at her spread open pussy, as if to indicate where I should focus my attention, again. 


I crawled up the bed, between her spread thighs, put both my hands under her petite, firm ass, and lifted her pussy up to my mouth. I immediately started kissing, tongue flicking, and nibbling at her pussy. My tongue was particularly motivated today. Jasminea was so hyper aroused, she came almost immediately when I nipped her clit with my teeth and tongue flicked the opening to her love tunnel with alternating hard, then soft random patterns with my tongue.


“Holy shit, where did you learn to do that? I have never cum so fast, ever!.”


“Porn,” I said matter-a-factly between tongue flicks of her clit.  


She continued to hold her knees up and out and let her head rest back on the plush pillows. 


I began a series of nibbling, tongue flicking, tongue fluttering, sucking, finger fucking, and anal star probing  techniques I had learned by watching hot lesbian porn after my guardian Mistress allowed it as part of my sexual evolution education and the results were explosive. Jasminea came repeatedly five times in a row. Back to back to back orgasms, each a bit stronger than the last, and each with a small squirt of girl cum into my mouth, face and lips. I was on a sexual high with this girl.   Every time Jasminea seemed in danger of sliding from her orgasmic peak, I would do something new to her young cunt and not only keep her on her orgasmic plateau, but push her into a higher orbit. Using random tongue patterns, biting gently, or hard on her clit, using 1, 2 or 3 fingers in her tight cunt, using a thumb in her anal star, or a bit of each in sequence. It was like playing with a toy and I loved it, the feeling of power, the release of sexual energy each time Jasminea screamed at the apex of each of her climaxes .


“P, please, wait, give, give me a moment. Holy fuck. You are amazing. I heard from my Mom that you were good in bed, but Jesus, you are the best I ever had and probably ever will have.”  Jasminea was panting. She had let go of her knees and was just snuggled down in the soft duvet cover and pillows. She was radiant in her afterglow of the multi-orgasmic sequence, a broad smile forming on her lips.


“Cum kiss me.“ She giggled. â€œI want to kiss the cum on your lips.”


I crawled up her body, slowly kissing every centimeter of skin from her clit to her neck, stopping to suckle on her hard nipples. I nibbled on her neck and finally reached her soft ear lobes with dangling earrings. I blew soft warm air kisses into her ear and she shuddered with goose bumps all over, pulling me down into a lover’s embrace.  


As our breasts pressed into each other, our lips making contact for a gentle tongue caressing open mouth kiss, I contemplated on her comment about her Mom telling her that I was good. I wondered how much her mom, my maid Serena, told her about our weekly sex education sessions on this very bed. I shook the thought from my head, promising myself to remember to revisit the topic later with Serena, maybe even suggesting that we introduce Jasminea into our sex sessions.


Whispering in a soft kitten voice, I said: “I want you, I need you. I have to be inside you,” more soft kisses on her lips. â€œYou OK with that?”


She nodded and started kissing me back with light, gentle tongue flicks. I want you to be my first.”


“You? A virgin?”


In barely more than a whisper, “”Well, not technically since I have had many tongue and finger induced orgasms before, including the many you just gave me, but no one has ever fucked me and my Hyman is still there, so please, be gentle with me.” She looked deeply into my eyes.   Please, please be my first!” She hugged me and wrapped her thin legs around my tiny waist, wiggling her hips to nudge my clit to the entrance to her pussy.  Her eyes were sparkling and she bit her lip in anticipation of my response.


  I moved my knees closer to her ass and felt the tip of my large clit rub up and down her slippery pussy lips, demonstrating great control and restraint as I really just wanted to plunge deeply into her velvety warm, wet, tight love tunnel with my throbbing and rock hard clit.


The special weekly treatments my Guardian Mistress has been arranging for me for the past couple of years have caused my clit to grow to large proportions when fully erect, almost 25cm long and 7.5cm in diameter. My guardian Mistress told me that she could continue with them, but 25cm was perfect for a sex therapist. You do not want to be too large, but you need to be large enough to generate astonishment when they see it for the first time.   My only thought at the moment was how to make this moment special for Jasminea and me, as I contemplated how I was going to plough into her pussy.


“Oh, my, well, oh, uhm, yes,, yes, of course, I will be your first Jasminea. I want this to be special, so tell me if you feel uncomfortable at any time. I, I have never done this before with a virgin, so please, lets explore this moment together, as friends, lovers, fuck buddies. I want you so much I am shaking.”   


“You, you are so big. Will it fit inside of me?”


“I kissed her on the lips and nudged my clit a centimeter into her pussy which was now so aroused that it was dribbling lubricating love juices. â€œI will be gentle, just the way you may have dreamed it might be for your first time.” I was giving her soft kisses on her nipples and chest.


One more thing.”


Yes, anything Miss Mandy.”


“Are you on the pill?”


“In an excited moment of exhilaration she beamed back, “Yes, yes. My Mom arranged for that a month ago so that my period would be regular and , well, so that I did not have to worry about babies and such if, well, when, I had sex with a boy for the first time. I am going to be so excited to tell her that you, you with your beautiful, huge clit, were my first. I think deep down in side, she hoped it might be you, since she has been teaching you all about it now for a while.”   She wiggled her hips again and thrust her pelvis up to take another centimeter of my clit head into her pussy. 


There it was again. Another reference to my sex sessions with her Mom. I think she was getting even more excited about the fact that she was about to fuck the beautiful T Girl that her Mom was fucking as well.


“She told me that you love to have your nipples sucked when you fuck her. I like that too.” Jasminea lifted her head off the pillows and pulled me towards her so that my firm, perky breasts were right in her face. She sucked my left nipple into her eager mouth. First just playing with my hard nub with her lips, then she extended her tongue to lick and flick it, before closing her entire mouth around it to suck it hard and nibble on my nub. I let out an involuntary moan. I do love nipple play and Jasminea was accelerating at just the right speed with me. Gentle at first, but quickly biting and sucking hard to engorge my nipples with hot blood. My nipples are one of my biggest erogenous zones, and I cupped the back of her head to pull her into my firm, but dangling D cup breasts, closing my eyes as I took in the blissful sensations. She moved over to my right nipple and performed the same sequence. I was in heaven, and it was only going to get better from here.


Jasminea let herself fall back onto the bed. â€œthis should held.” She flattened her shoulder blades against the mattress, slipping a pillow under her ass as she did so. She bent her knees and parted her thighs. A glob of pussy juice dribbled from her winking cunt into the crack of her ass as I pulled out for a second to give her a moment to adjust her position. 


“My Mommy does this when I fuck her with that large strap on dildo of hers. She tells me that it creates the best angle to be fucked.” Jasminea was a kid at Christmas with this experience, all wide eyed and excited.


“Mmmm, your pussy is so beautiful Jasminea, just perfect.” I stared down at the flower I was about to pluck. I was kneeling on the bed between Jasminea’s spread legs. With trembling fingers I stretched the moist, plump lips of Jasminea’s cunt even farther apart. Placing my huge, throbbing clit head at the pink center of the luscious young girl’s cunt again. I gently applied pressure.

“Oooooh,” Jasminea groaned, as my clit head penetrated her folds, the outer lips curling in with my shaft. . “Oooooh, Miss Mandy, it’s going to split me apart.”

“Shhh, it will be OK Jasminea. I will go slow, You will love it. Just relax. Breathe and relax.”


The walls of Jasminea’s pussy stretched like elastic as I pushed forward a little more. Her cunt began to swallow my clit.   Her pussy was so tight, so perfect.


“Move with me, Jasminea,” I urged. “Shake your hot little young ass. Rock your hips.”


“Miss Mandy, fuck me, please fuck me.” When she said that, she bit hard on my right nipple and pinched my left one as she pulled my ass to her with her heels.


I was stunned into movement. I involuntarily jerked at the pain / pleasure of her attention to my nipples and the result was a lunge forward about 10cm. In an instant, her Hyman folds were penetrated and she let out a baby squeal.


“You OK?”


Taking her lips off my right nipple for a second, “yes, yes. More please, more. “  She started nursing off my nipples, alternating between them as I pushed forward, gently, feeling her heels pull my ass into her pelvis.  Jasminea’s cunt started to dribble more cunt juice as my large clit penetrated her small, tight pussy. It felt like a very tight glove around my clit, but things were so wet and slippery, that centimeter after centimeter kept penetrating her love tunnel. 


““The best of both possible worlds, your perfect girl body and that massive clit. Oh My god, I am in heaven.”, Jasminea thrusted her crotch so my clit pushed inside her a bit more.


I made slow, sensuous circling motions with my hips to cork screw my clit into her hot, tight pussy. At the moment, I was only making small centimeter in and out movements so that her pussy could get used to my thickness and length.   Her facial expressions softened and I knew that her internal stretching pain was transforming into the tingling sensations of an impending orgasm as pain and pleasure mixed within her.


“Oh fuck you are big. So big. Just give me a second.”


Jasminea’s eyes were closed and her head was back against the pillows now.  She reached down to my tiny waist to stop my progress. I was about ¾ of the way in and Jasminea’s pussy felt like a vice gripping my clit. It was an odd sensation. Kind of like when her Mom, Serena, would flex her Cagle muscles really hard and squeeze my clit when I was deep inside of her. Serena would often coo and tell me that she would be like a virgin for me. Now I knew exactly what Serena meant all those times she gripped my clit hard with her cunt as we would fuck.


“OK, I think I’m ready for more Miss Mandy.” Jasminea’s eyes were wide, her chest flush with excitement and her loving gaze melted me. I continued with my small thrusts, but elongated them so that I was now sliding 10cm at a time back and forth, penetrating Jasminea an additional 2cm each time I did. 


“Holy fuck, you are so huge. Hold on again, just a minute. Holy fuck.” 


I was now only 2cm from bottoming out in this young girl’s cunt, but had all day and did not want to rush her first ever real fuck. I leaned down and just softly kissed her breasts and nipples .  I paused and smiled up at my young lover. "Your breasts are beautiful just as they are Jasminea, don't worry about them getting bigger. I love them just as they are.”  Just holding my pelvis still, I sucked her right nipple into my wet mouth and caressed it with my lips and tongue. I felt a sudden flood of cunt juice bathe my clit and realize that she loved nipple play and had just cum from my mouth suckling her nipple, or was it my large clit stretching her young cunt more than it had ever been stretched before. 


I took advantage of the additional lubrication of her cunt cum and pushed the remaining 2cm into her tight, oh so tight pussy. With my jewels resting against her anal star, I made love to her nipples, one at a time. They were long, and dark. Just like with her clit, I would capture her nipple with my wet lips and pinch as I pulled up so that it was like I was giving each nipple a mini blow job, with an audible pop each time the suction of my mouth broke as her nipple popped out of my lips. 


I noticed a bulge in her tummy and realized that it was my clit, deeply buried, showing through her tummy, making a small mound on her otherwise flat tummy. It was so sexy. 


I continued this nipple play until I pulled two more nipple induced orgasms out of my young lover, her moaning and shooting mini squirts of cum each time.


“Fuck me now Miss Mandy. I an ready for you now. Fuck me, Oh Miss Mandy, fuck me.” Her eyes were pleading, her words honest, her love sincere.


Jasminea writhed beneath me. The thrashing momentum of her hips drove my clit into her pussy further and further. it was fucking perfect.


“Our bodies fit together perfectly.” I whispered into her ear with a hot breath of passion.


“I just knew it would, hoped it would. Yes, just perfect.” She wiggled her hips again to allow the lips of her cunt to nuzzle next to the skin around my clit base. We were bound together now, in so many ways, but the best way was my clit all the way, jewels deep within her tight pussy.  ,

Deep clit thrusts were not all this special fuck session was about., Our bodies were joined at the crotch and we would be forever bonded together with this experience, with his moment, with this lover’s fuck.   It was as if my clit was welded together with Jasminea’s cunt. The erect bud of Jasminea’s clit poked like a sharp needle into the skin just above my clit as we ground into each other. 


“I still can’t believe this is happening to me,” Jasminea moaned as she and I began the energetic part of the fuck session. 

I resumed movement with long, deep all the way in, all the way out trusts, just stopping with only my clit head within her tight pussy. Good thing was that she was a slippery mess down there and the lubrication overcame her tight, unused pussy love tunnel size. It took me a full 10 minutes of slow thrusting before I could feel that her tight pussy was beginning to open up to me. During this exploratory thrusting moment, we kissed, kissed, and kissed some more.


Her tongue was small, pink and lively in my mouth. She was an experienced kisser. Patient, teasing, loving and probing. It was actually fun to kiss her, our lips locked, tongues dancing, twirling, and caressing each others. 


I pulled back just for a second. â€œWhere did you learn to kiss like that?”  


“My Mommy. She tells me that I am a really good kisser. What do you think?”


I responded by leaning in for an open mouth tongue to tongue kiss to show her my appreciation for her oral skills.


I pulled back again. â€œDo you and Serena, your Mommy talk about me much?”  I punctuated the ‘much’ with a jewels deep thrust which was like a punch to her pussy, the tip of my clit poking up through her tummy wall, and she groaned in delight.


“All the time. She tells me what she is teaching you and often practices what she is going to do with you on me. I love it.” Jasminea then looked away with a shy expression on her face. 


“yes? You want to ask me something?”


“Uhm, well, yes, uhm, well, I heard my Mommy once tell me what you did with her once and I wonder if you, if I were good, well, would you do it to me?” 


I was intrigued. Serena and I had fucked 75 or 80 times and we have explored just about every possible sex positions in which a female and a T Girl could engage. “What in particular?  I have made love with your Mommy so many times.”


“The one where you focused on her G Spot and made her cum with your clit many, many times in a row. Could we try that?” Her voice was a little shaky, like she knew she was asking for a pony or something out of the question.


“Oh my Jasminea, of course, yes, of course. You are ready now. I feel you loosening up for me. You will love this.” I leaned in and we kissed, a friend’s kiss, a lover’s kiss.


I withdrew my clit until only about 12cm was inside her. I probed with my clit tip and found the spongy flesh of her pussy G Spot. Hooking her knees under my arms, I reached around to grab her tiny waist which had the effect of butterflying her legs wide to either side. Her tiny waist was so small, even my small hands could almost encircle it. The bouncing began with me pushing her pelvis down and letting the bed bounce her ass back up . My clit tip was pumping into the G Spot flesh in her pussy and her eyes widened.


“Wha, what is happening, Oh fuck, fuck I am cumming, holy shit, wha..”


Jasminea was gripped by a surprise G Spot orgasm and her body went stiff. I did not answer her, just kept up my bouncing, making sure that my clit tip was massaging her G Spot pussy flesh.


She had just apexed her first new climax and I started a circling motion with my hips. The resulting pattern of my clit tip on her G Spot flesh was more than she expected.


“Oh fuck, not again, not so soon, oh fuck, wha, what are you doing to me?”


Jasminea clinched her beautifully white teeth in an orgasmic spasm and my bouncing continued. After the third back to back to back orgasm ,Jasminea could not speak. She could barely breathe. She was panting like a kitten when the fourth, fifth and sixth orgasms hit her young, nubile body . The only way I could tell that she was cumming was by the squirts of cunt juice bathing my clit at the apex of each of her climaxes as I worked her G Spot, and maybe the gleam in her eyes as she came with a scrunched up face. She had such a cute wrinkle nose effect when she came.  .


By the 11th orgasm in a row, she was jelly, but a good type of jelly. She was all soft, loving, and cooing with little moans of pleasure. She actually began to recover a bit despite her continuous orgasmic state and reached up to fondle my breasts, paying particular attention to pinching my sensitive nipples.  Her body was so responsive, so supple, so energetic. She was actually recovering in real time and seemed to want more.


“I am going to cum deep inside you if you keep that up!”


Finally, her voice returned. “Yes, Miss Mandy fuck me. Fill me up with your cum. Oh yes, I want it. I need it. I am seeing stars, I barely see you, but I feel you. Yes, take me, cum inside me, please. I never knew it could be like this. My Mommy told me but I did not believe her. You are my Goddess, my lover, my life from now on, , there will never be another like you, Oh My God, I am all tingly all over and seeing stars. Please?” 


With that last ‘please’, she squeezed my nipples at the same time with all the remaining strength she had left and it sparked an immediate orgasm for me since I had been edging for the past 10 minutes or so.


She watched as my nose wrinkled and I let out a slow breath of orgasmic bliss. 


“yes, baby, let it go, cum inside me, fill me up, oh yes.” 


“Yes, Jasminea, yes, oh yes.” I was hit with an orgasmic wave the likes of which I do not think I had experienced before. The combination of being with this young girl, my own age, us fucking, her responding to all my moves, her multi-orgasmic climaxes, it was all so much, so intense.


Even though She could barely move her hips, she tried to thrust up onto my clit. I finally released her G Spot target and just plunged deep inside her wet, sloppy pussy . When my jewels hit her ass, she came again in a thunderous loud scream of extasy as she had never experienced what it was like to be pounded with a large, thick rod in her pussy before. I closed my mouth around hers to quiet her down and just remained deeply buried inside her as my jewels pumped load after load of cum into her tight love tunnel. Our tongues performed a lazy dance as we came down from the plateau of our mutual orgasmic highs. My hips were making involuntary circling motions, grinding into her pelvis, our arms tightly clutching each other, her legs now wrapped around my back, her cunt milking all the cum it could from my pulsating clit .


Finally, Jasminea made the next move . taking my right nipple into her mouth, she started to make love to it. Gently kissing, suckling, nibbling, nipping, biting, and sucking really hard. Her small hands were on either side of my right breast holding it like a baby bottle as she nursed on it.  She repeated the same incredible techniques with my left nipple and when she was done, she smiled .


“Your tits are huge. My Mommy told me that your breasts get really big when you are excited, and since your tits are massive right now, you must be excited.” She resumed her kissing and fondling of my breasts and I loved it , my clit still hard and still buried deep inside my young lover’s pussy.


Jasminea was really driving me crazy with lust, she seemed to have a natural talent for suckling nipples. â€œYes, baby, yes, suckle my breasts. Be a good girl and keep them big, keep them excited for you!” 


I could feel Jasminea using her Cagle muscles to milk my clit shaft of all its cum while she suckled my nipples. She was truly multi-task capable.


“Someday, if things work out, I will ask Serena if she could bring you to one of our love making exploration sessions. I want her to watch me make love to you, to fuck you, to kiss you. I want to feel her tongue in my star as I use my tongue to get you to cum all over my face and have her lick it off my lips. Would you like that Jasminea, would you like to fuck me with your Mommy watching us? Would you like me to take you around the world with her watching?”


“That is my biggest fantasy. Oh please, please, I would Lov that. Please?”


She moved her hands down my sides and between my legs to my inner thighs. She looked up at me. 


"I need to do something, to show you that I am a good girl so that you will invite me to join you and my Mommy when you have your next session.” She looked down at where my clit was joining us, it was still buried deeply inside her young cunt. “Oh Mandy, your clit is so amazing, your so rock hard still. Your clit is so big, so wonderful. I want to suck it. Can I, please? I want to show you that I am a good girl, a naughty girl. A nasty girl who loves to lick cum from your clit."


"Oh yes Jasminea. I want you to clean it of all our cum. Be a good girl and crawl down and take it in your eager mouth. Use your tongue, you’re fingers. Make love to it with your mouth.”


Jasminea waited for me to pull back and lift up my hips so that I could withdraw the full length of my clit from her depths.


She then crawled below me, coaxing me to be on all fours above her, my clit hard and dangling down, pointing at her face .


Jasminea took in my aroma as she slid her tongue up and down my clit shaft. I was amazed at how well this young girl knew how to orally pleasure a T Girl with a large clit. Obviously this was not her first time.


Jasminea pulled back, nibbled at the skin just under my clit head with her teeth, then nipped at my helmet, and then bit down hard just below my helmet. I screeched in extasy, and then she turned her attention to the sensitive skin under my throbbing clit, and bit down on it gently, then sucked it forcefully through her perfect white teeth. It was exquisite pain and pleasure at the same time. The sensation almost pushed me over the edge again even though I had just cum , but that was not in her plan. 


With me on all fours, she crawled out from underneath me. I whimpered in my disappointment as her oral attention was lovely and it allowed me the opportunity to thrust into her young willing mouth like I was fucking her face .


Jasminea got behind me and I could feel her hot breath on my ass. She wanted to pleasure me in the same way that I had pleasured her by the fire, and I just love a cute, pink tongue in my anal star .


“yes, Jasminea, kiss me there.”


I spread my knees more and pushed up my ass to her face which was leaning down. I looked over my shoulder and tucked some hair behind my right ear in a flirty gesture. 


“yes, kiss me there. I love to be rimmed.”


Jasminea ran her tongue over my ass, giving me soft kisses everywhere, moving her hands over my thighs, cupping my jewels in her hand while running her tongue up and down my crack. Jasminea penetrated my ass, while working her fingers in a random soft stroking pattern up and down my clit shaft.  She did not have a tongue long enough to reach my anal star G Spot but it was lovely, and so arousing. 


Jasminea tongue fucked my star and I started to moan uncontrollably . She was keeping me right on the edge of an orgasm with her tongue flicking, fluttering, and penetrations in my star all the while softly, ever so softly stroking my clit shaft with her fingertips. It was deliciously maddening.  She kept up the ass linking and tongue fucking for 5 minutes when she knew she had to back off or I would cum.


She then got on her back again, crawled up underneath me and resumed her clit sucking.

She licked my clit drenched with her and my cum juices, I reached down, grabbed a fistful of her thick, black hair, and guided her head to exactly the spots on which I wanted her to focus. Jasminea was a good student, and followed my lead, She focused her special lip and tongue attention on my clit head, the sensitive flesh just under the clit head, my jewels, and all the wile keeping things tidy so that it was not messy. I do not like a messy blow job. I loved the feeling of her softly caressing my firm, young ass with the fingertips of her left hand as she used her right hand to hold my clit shaft at the base to keep me in position for her mouth, lips, and tongue. She curled her lips over her teeth and took me as far as she could in her mouth, at least as well as she could with the odd angle, and then lowered her head to the bed.


“Miss Mandy. Would you turn over for mee. I cannot take you deep at this angle. I need to be on top to lift my head up and open my throat for you.” 


Such a good girl, I thought . Without a word, I crawled back until our breasts were pressed into each others, gave her a soft kiss on the lips, grabbed her slim body and rolled us over on the duvet cover. We were now face to face with her on top. This time, she gave me a quick lover’s kiss, then lifted up to all fours so she could rotate around. Watching her thin, young body above me, me stroking her thighs, her cute, firm ass, allowed me to be so in the moment. 


I pushed her back so her lips were just above my right nipple, her left nipple above my lips. I lifted my head off the duvet cover and latched onto her left nipple and kissed it, licked it, nibbled on it passionately. She got the hint and did the same to my right nipple . After a moment or two, I guided her head to my left nipple and I sucked in her right one.  The upside down breast fondling, nipple sucking session was erotic and I don’t think I had ever tried it before with anyone . I definitely was going to try it with my Guardian Mistress and Serena.


With my nipples fully engorged and loving the attention she was giving to my breasts, I was in heaven with this young girl, again. She reached up and found my throbbing clit and started stroking it while she finished nibbling on my left nipple. 


“Jasminea, yes, move down now. I want you to be a good girl and take me deep.”


She did not stop crawling forward until her knees were straddling my head, her pussy right above my face. Her young cunt was resilient, and while the outer labia lips were puffy and red from the long fuck session we just ended, they were again glistening with her juices, seeming to want more, need more.


As her lips engulfed my clit head, I reached around and pulled her small, cute ass down. She snuggled her pussy on my lips, cooing with delight as my tongue once again located and kissed her female clit.  I could feel her humming throat vibrations of appreciation on my clit and wanted more.


She rocked forward, one hand holding my clit at the base to angle it up at her mouth, the other holding her torso up just enough so that I could feel her long, delicious nipples trace patterns on my tummy. She flicked her hair back so that it would not get in the way of her blow job and I felt the soft cascade of her hair on my left side as it flowed off her back onto me. The sensation of her hair on my skin was electric, and a unique feeling I would experience many, many times again in the future.


As her wet, warm mouth closed around my hard clit, I was not sure that she could take all of my 25cm in her throat. She had surprised me already so I just laid back and looked at her beautiful pussy hovering right above my face. I could not resist and began another deep, French kiss of her beautiful flower, alternating between darting my tongue into her folds and concentrating its focus onto her cute clit which was standing proudly at the top of the entrance to her pussy, just begging to be sucked, sucked hard . I guided her with my hands on her ass and she moved her hips perfectly to give me full access to her young, eager cunt .


As I had done to her, Jasminea reached up between my legs and slid a finger into my anal star which was winking with excitement. I lifted my knees and rolled my hips up to give her more access to all of me. As she began to deep throat my clit. I wanted to grab her hair, to push her down on my clit, but I knew that patience was key to a good orgasm and I was so excited, I knew that I could squeeze another orgasm or two out of me with this young girl, my new fuck buddy.


Jasminea sucked my clit into her young mouth. I couldn’t believe the unbelievably hot image of this young girl’s soft mouth on my clit, feeling my clit tip hit the entrance to her throat, feel her change her neck angle, feel my clit head make its way into her young, elastic throat, feel her tongue work the underside of my clit shaft, feel her swallow technique with me buried jewels deep into her throat. She was experienced. It had taken me quite a while to be able to do what she was doing to me.  I found out later that she, like me, had been given instruction by her Mommy on the fine art of taking a 30cm thick sausage down her throat to allow her to nearly eliminate her gag reflex, to practice her swallowing technique, to practice her tongue massaging with her throat filled to the limit. 


For her young age, Jasminea was really good, better than good, because she seemed to really adore sucking my clit. In addition, her ability to multi-task by drilling my anal G Spot with her two fingers at the same time she was deep throating me was incredible. Her expert throat control had me on the edge of an orgasm in minutes.


Jasminea had worked two fingers inside my anal star, probing for my anal G Spot, and delicately pumped them into my star with practiced experience.  Her occasional gag and wet, slurping sounds filled the room as she bobbed up and down on my hard clit, frequently deep throating me, not stopping until her chin was resting on my pelvis for a few seconds. I was amazed at her breathing control. She could take me deep and hold her chin at my pelvis for 30, 40 seconds as she used her swallowing technique to push me closer and closer to my next climax. 


Like a good girl, she knew I was close to cumming as she could feel my clit twitch and jewels tense up and draw into my clit.  She just kept me there for over 4 minutes, backing off, then biting my clit head, then loving twirling tongue motions and another deep throat lunge. She was a minx and I would be sure to punish her later for teasing me for so long, not letting me fall over the edge.


I spurred her into action with a bite on her female clit and two fingers pushed into her cunt to massage her G Spot Despite cumming so many time, she was arouse, young and ready. I felt the first wave of her last orgasm when her cunt lips clinched around my fingers and she stopped sucking my clit for a moment, just pausing with a full body clinch of an orgasm, squirting a mini portion of cunt juice directly into my open, willing and waiting mouth. I held her down by my hands on her ass as she involuntarily bucked on my face . When she finally crested the apex of her orgasm, I pulled back.


“Now its my turn.”


I rolled us over again and now, I was on top. I pulled her to the edge of the bed so her head could dangle off the side. She was not sure what was going on, but like a good girl, just help me get her into the position I wanted. I lined up my clit to her mouth.


“Now be a good girl and let me fuck you in this special way.”   If I could have seen her face, I would have known that she smiled widely with anticipation of her first ever face fuck.


I pushed forward, wrapping my hands around her tiny waist to hold me up. She reached back and I felt her hands on my firm ass. She pulled me, and my clit, into her throat. Centimeter after centimeter disappeared into her velvety warm oral love tunnel. The tight, wet, warm sensation was different than fucking her tight pussy. Her throat forced my clit into an angle which felt like it was getting a double blow job and I just kept pushing until my jewels were resting on her nose, all the while feeling her pull me into her . She wanted it all and I was going to give it to her.


I just loved the power play of the moment. Holding this young girl’s tiny waist as I fucked her face. Her humming throat vibrations seemed to resonate through my entire body and I loved it .She used her tongue as best she could to massage my clit shaft as it penetrated her mouth and throat again, again and again.  I looked down between my dangling breasts and watched as her throat would expand with my clit in it each time I went jewels deep. It was so sexy to feel and see her throat expand to take my clit, all the while feeling her pull my ass into her face.


I had been on the edge before so it only took me 2 minutes in this erotic position to reach the point of no return.


“Oh fuck Jasminea, Oh Fuck yes. You are so good, I am cumming, yes cumming. such a good girl, oh yes.” I gently, but firmly thrusted forward and started spurting cum directly into her tummy, gripping her tiny waist and leaving what would become bruises in the shape of fingers along her sides. I knew she could not breathe, so I lingered for only 15 seconds pumping my load into her tummy before pulling back and allowing just the head of my clit to rest in her tightly sealed mouth. She was sucking hard and vacuumed up the remaining spurts of cum from my clit. She released my ass and started using her fingers to milk my clit to ring out all the remaining cum along its long shaft. She nursed like a baby on a bottle hungry for a treat .


I finally pulled out and let my clit fall onto her young, lovely face. The large, hard but soft clit shaft at which she was staring was pure lust for her. A perfect blend of girl and boy for her to play with all afternoon on that stormy day. 


That was the beginning of regular erotic, fun, experimental sex sessions with my new best friend, my fuck buddy. They only got more erotic when Serena finally brought Jasminea to one of our regular sexploration sessions. 




My mind was jolted back to the scene by the pool when Jasminea bit my clit head in a gesture to indicate to me that she was annoyed at my lack of attention to her nipples. 


“Come on baby. You know I love it when you play with my nipples as you face fuck me!” She barely got that out as she pushed me back to free her mouth of my clit so she could speak. Then she tugged my ass again and I gently nudged forward to bury my clit into her young elastic throat, marveling with her resiliency as my jewels came to rest on her nose, her humming letting me know that she was right there, in the moment, loving all of it.


With her neck in the perfect angle on the pillow on the bed in the cabana, Jasminea devoured my clit with her mouth and tongue like she was starving . 


I pulled back allowed my clit to withdraw completely from her mouth, and watched with amusement as she began to beg for my clit again.   Releasing my ass with her hands, she lifted them to my clit. She quickly encircled my clit and brought the tip to her mouth.   There was thick, throat saliva on my shaft and she milked it into her mouth, slurping it up as she knows that I do not like sloppy blow jobs.    


She wiped her chin with the back of her hand and focused her attention to the tip of my clit. She kissed the tip of my clit head and noticed that her milking action caused a drop of precum to ooze out of my pee hole. She purred as she extended her tongue to lap it up.  


“Let me get another pillow. I want this python of a clit in my mouth and need the right angle.” She pulled a pillow under her neck to angle her head back and then reached up to pull my firm ass down as she pulled down my clit to point it at her mouth. I never stopped my pussy licking but did lift my hips to help her insert my clit into her mouth. 


She had always been more experienced at clit sucking than I had originally thought, and her young, elastic throat was well experienced at taking my 25cm clit deep into her velvety warm oral love tunnel. Some time ago, I thanked Serena, Jasminea’s Mommy, for training her daughter so well to deep throat. My thank you was in the form of a double around the world session with Serena that had me aroused for a week. Nothing like cumming in a beautiful woman’s tight ass and having her immediately suck it into her willing mouth and throat, twice, to keep me hard thinking about it later.


I loved the feeling of my clit sliding past Jasminea’s mouth and into her throat.  I could feel her hum with appreciation as I started to move my hips to face fuck her. I simply loved this position and one of Jasminea’s favorite things to do with me was to get me to 69 with her so I could face fuck her until my jewels were resting on her nose, my cum pumping directly into her tummy.


“So sweet,” Jasminea whispered as she tasted my precum for the first time today. 


I loved how experienced Jasminea was becoming at sucking my large, long clit , she performed like a hardened professional not gagging once, and being able to go a full 30 seconds without breathing each time I penetrated her young, flexible throat with my clit.


Jasminea got me to cum again after just 5 minutes of this youthful sexual energy charged 69 face fucking position.  I was pretty sure that her several discrete full body spasms were a series of orgasms Jasminea experienced with Shawna licking, sucking, teasing and tongue fucking her young, tight cunt as well . the last one triggered by my flood of cum in her tummy and mouth when I pulled out half way in the middle of my climax. We shared one another’s orgasmic vibrations. Jasminea milked my clit for all the cum it was worth. 


“Katrina, you are so pretty face fucking your friend. Kiss me, kiss me now.”


I leaned forward and we shared a deep French kiss as my jewels rested against Jasminea’s upper lip. I then pulled back. After all, she did need to breathe. Slowly, my clit emerged from her throat and mouth, thick throat saliva clinging to the upper shaft and tip. Throat saliva is the best lubricant and I scraped some off and gestured for Shawna to bring me her right hand . I lathered her four fingers up with the thick, slippery goo, â€œfinger fuck her now Mommy. Finger fuck her while I face fuck her.”


Shawna returned her fluttering tongue to Jasminea’s clit and formed her four fingers into a cone shape, brought them to her wet cunt, and pushed.  Jasminea’s cunt was small, very small and it would be interesting if Shawna could get her fist into her young, elastic pussy . My clit was on its way back into her throat and she moaned with lovely throat vibrations as Shawna’s four fingers stretched her tiny pussy to its limits. When Shawna bit on her clit, Jasminea squirted a small shot of cum on her wrist and shook with another mini orgasmic tremor. She could not scream as I was deep down her throat again and she could not do anything but shake and quiver for the fourth time.


This dual finger fuck, face fuck, clit nibble session continued for another 10 minutes, pulling out of Jasminea 3 or 4 more mini orgasms. I just loved the feeling of the beautiful petite girl jiggling and wiggling beneath me, holding onto the back of my thighs for support, pulling me into her, getting me to push my clit as deep as I could in her tiny throat.


“You are such a good girl Jasminea, a good girl.” Stroking her face for effect, I looked lovingly down on her as my clit disappeared again into her mouth and throat, her head back. I reached down, took a long nipple in-between the thumb and index   finger of each hand and pinched hard with my next stroke. This coincided with Shawna pushing all four fingers deep in her cunt and biting her clit again. Another orgasm, this time stronger. This time, more cum squirted from her pussy to bathe Shawna’s wrist, making it easier and easier for Shawna to push more and mor of her fingers into her tight, oh so tight, young pussy. 


“Katrina, should I fist fuck your cute young friend? Would she like that Katrina?”


“Yes Mommy, but be gentle. Her pussy is so small, go slow and be gentle, but I think her pussy could take your fist.”


The dirty talk was getting to me and I was rock hard again in Jasminea’s mouth.  The site was so fucking sexy, I lost my concentration and rocketed forward to jam my clit into Jasminea’s throat. She was quick to slap my ass hard to remind me not to do that. We were gentle lovers with each other and rarely engaged in violent sex acts. It just was not that sexy.


I gave out a low moan and just reveled at the sucking power of her small mouth. My precum was literally being pulled out of me, and I loved it. I stroked my shaft a few times to milk more precum into her mouth and then pulled back. I wanted Jasminea to use her tongue as I watched Shawna twist and twirl her cone shaped fingers deeper and deeper  


When Shawna’s knuckles were pressing into the entrance of her pussy, the moans of pleasure / pain increased. I held Jasminea down at the hips and nodded for Shawna to continue. I mouthed ‘fuck her now with your fist’ and she nodded in acknowledgment.


Jasminea spasmed when Shawna’s fist finally entered her tight pussy.


Despite my clit in her mouth, Jasminea got out: “Oh fuck, Oh My god, So full, fuck, fuck, so full my god I am cumming fuck it I am cumming!”


I tightened my grip around Jasminea’s waist as Shawna milked the orgasm out of her by rubbing her knuckles on her G Spot. I motioned with my finger for Shawna to kiss me as we effectively double fucked my young girlfriend with my clit in her mouth and Shawna’s fist in her cunt. I whispered to Shawna: “That’s it Mommy, fist fuck her until she squirts on your hand. This will set her up for a massive orgasm with both of us kissing and nibbling on her pussy together. Would you like that Mommy? Would you like to make her cum with our tongues together?”


We broke our kiss and I pulled out of Jasminea’s mouth. Jasminea was panting as Shawna pulled her fist carefully out of her pussy.


Putting a pillow under Jasminea’s head for comfort, I crawled around to where Shawna was. Like two kittens fighting for the same food bowl, I nudged my head between Jasminea’s legs to nuzzle her pussy along with Shawna’s. 


I pushed Shawna’s face away and gave her a head nod back to my ass. â€œMommy, would you tongue fuck my cute T Girl Pussy again while I get my friend to squirt. Please Mommy, Please.” What an actress I was becoming.


I crawled up further between Jasminea’s legs and Shawna positioned herself behind my ass. Again, I spread my knees and wiggled my cute ass to invite the older woman to engage. Jasminea jumped as I nibbled her soft inner thighs as I made my way to her treasure.


I wanted to please my hot little lover. I parted Jasminea’s hot slick cunt lips with my fingers and darted my tongue as deep into the tight little cunt as I could. Jasminea rocked her little hips upward grinding her cunt on my pretty face, and whining in pleasure in Spanish.

Then in English she said “Your mouth feels so fucking good on my cunny Mandy!” The girl groaned, her thighs trembling. Jasminea raised her hips slightly, pushed her cunt against my face. “Oh fuck Mandy, you know how to make my cunt cum, fuck don’t ever stop baby!”


I began pulling furiously at my young friend’s little clit with my sucking lips. She rewarded me with a mini orgasmic shudder. My young lover was like a climax machine once she got really aroused and she was now cumming again on my lips. 


From behind, I felt Shawna’s wet tongue slither into the damp crack of my tight little ass and go right for my tight anal star. Shawna poked her tongue tip into my throbbing, pulsating star and began licking and sucking on it, working her way deeper and deeper so she could French kiss me there.


“Mommy, stick your tongue as far as you can up my ass!” I urged Shawna while I sucked at Jasminea’s throbbing clit.

With her moist tongue probing into my slick back door love tunnel, Shawna slid a hand up the inside of my firm young thigh and squeezed my jewels and clit base.  I moaned softly, my clit still hard, my jewels still sensitive, but in need of more attention. Shawna used her fingertips to caress and stroke up my clit shaft


“Oh fuck Shawna finger stroke the cum out of my hard young clit!” I breathed around the mouthful of Jasminea’s cunt. “Work your fingers up and down.” 

Sucking and licking at Jasminea’s cunt, I furiously worked my fingers, mouth, lips and teeth  back and forth over Jasminea’s little clit. With my other hand, I slipped a finger into Jasminea’s ass cheeks and pushed a finger into her young tight puckered star. Jasminea, was groaning and thrashing as if she was about to cum hard. 

I flashed wet fingers mercilessly across Jasminea’s slick little clit. “Squirt your cunt juice down my throat Jasminea! Let me taste your cum, baby! I want it! I want your hot Latino cunt juice now!”

I could feel Jasminea shaking violently, her hips pumping up from the cabana bed as she tried to grind her cunt on my fingers and mouth. Jasminea loved me to put a finger in her ass while licking her cunt and this occasion was no exception. 


Breathing hard and fast, Jasminea writhed on the bed, arching her body and squealing in broken Spanish.

“Fuck, never stop Miss Mandy my little cunny is really close!” Jasminea gasped, shuddering all over. “ I’m going to squirt my cunt juice in your pretty mouth! Stick your fingers in my cunt! Fuck my ass with your other fingers. Fuck yes, Fuck me deep! Uhhh!”

Immediately I jabbed two fingers into the little girls gapping cunt, hitting her g-spot over and over. 

“ I can feel your fingers setting me off Miss Mandy, you bitch! Just keep fucking me like that!” Jasminea moaned.

Shawna had her wiggling tongue deep in my tight young anal star, deeply French kissing my back door love tunnel, all the while still using feather like fingers stroking my clit. Shawna’s lips sucking and smacking my tasty ass with a passion. Shawna kept spearing her tongue up into my tight rectum, sliding it in and out repeatedly. If I had not already cum so many times before, I would have cum again right then.

Suddenly, Shawna’s mouth slid away from the crack of my firm ass.

“It’s my turn to suck that hot little bitch’s cunt!” Shawna announced. “Come on, Katrina, that hot little pussy is amazing!”

While I loved Shawna’s tongue in my ass, French kissing my anal star, I wanted to bathe her in a Jasminea cum shower.


“Mommy, come here. Come here and let’s get my young girl friend to shower us with girl cum!”


Shawna was up between Jasminea’s legs in 3 seconds, us cheek to cheek, licking Jasminea’s wet cunt. Shawna whisper in my ear, “Oh yes Katrina, I will lick her with you but you have to promise me that you will let me fuck you with a toy while you fuck her with your massive clit later.”    My clit twitched at the thought.


I knew that with both Shawna and I eating her, it wouldn’t take long before Jasminea would squirt a huge load of girl cum from her hot cunt. While I was prepared to share Jasminea’s girl cum, I wanted to get the first squirts of the hot, young Latino’s creamy cum. I pinched Jasminea’s cunt lips hard as my tongue when deep as I could into her cunt. Shawna focused on Jasminea’s clit by nibbling and sucking on it to drive my young lover wild.  I continued to drill Jasminea’s resilient back door with two fingers, finding and then massaging her anal G Spot.


I flicked and twisted my tongue inside of Jasminea’s pussy then flashed out and down over the girls tiny trembling, winking puckered anal star. Jasminea, like me, loved tongue in ass play and I could taste the coconut oil Jasminea had used to be prepared for anything when she came over to the pool. 


Still fucking Jasminea’s hot little cunt with my tongue, I raised my head just enough to say, “She’s going to come right now — let me just finish her off! I want to taste her cum!” And I immediately went back slamming Jasminea’s cunt with one hand and gently rubbing her anal G Spot   with two fingers of my other hand .


Shawna used her fingertips over Jasminea’s clit with such speed her hand was a blur. 

Giggling delightfully, Shawna scampered around to the side and pushed her face in next to mine.. “We can share her girl cum,” Shawna said hotly, edging me aside. Her pretty face damp with sweat. “Oh fuck its so hot how you bring this little bitch off like that, and we’ll take turns back and forth after she start’s squirting! That way, we’ll both get a mouthful!”

Nodding with a smile at the suggestion, I suddenly pulled her fingers out of Jasminea’s cunt away and let Shawna replace them with her longer wider fingers. Jasminea screamed from the pleasure. I turned my attention to Jasminea’s clit and used my fingers which flew back and forth over the young girls clit.  


I new by the way Jasminea was screwing up her face, that her hot little cunt was about to blow. Shawna finger fucked the young girl hard and fast, with me still working Jasminea’s anal G Spot with two fingers.  Shawna purred at how tight Jasminea’s pussy was and how the cunt walls were grabbing at her fingers.


 â€œHoly fuck!!” the hot little Jasminea moaned, her entire body straining. “This is so fucking good! Uhhihh! Uhhhh! Keep fucking and rubbing my cunt! Both of you! Faster, Miss Shawna, fuck my cunt faster, Miss Mandy fuck my ass deeper!”


Shawna’s and my faces pressed together, cheek to cheek , While Shawna’s fingers worked in and out of the tightest little cunt she had ever felt,  My fingers worked their magic dancing over Jasminea’s sensitive little clit and on her sensitive G Spot.


With a drawn-out moan escaping her lips, Jasminea suddenly jerked her hips off the bed. Her hot little body stiffened and both Shawna and I felt the hot little cunt throb and twitch under our touch. 

Jasminea screamed and Shawna got the first squirt of Jasminea’s hot cum. It hit her mouth then jetted down her throat wetly, and she quickly swallowed it and pulled her mouth away, the creamy excess of girl cream spilling from her lips.

I dipped my face down, opened my mouth just in time as a second blast of hot girl cum flew from Jasminea’s cunt.  I took it into my mouth and gulped it down as much as I could as it was more of a spray than a pin point stream. Shawna again covered Jasminea’s convulsing cunt with her mouth.

“I’m coming again you fucking bitshes!” Jasminea panted as her tender little cunt twitched as her cum poured out of her again. Little Jasminea squirmed on the bed , her arms flailing and her legs jerking. “Swallow all of it you hot fucking bitches! Suck all my girl cum out of my cunt! Uhhhh! I’m coming and my cunt is on fire!”


This time, I leaned down and got the blast of Jasminea’s cunt cum spray. It hit all over my face and some made it into my mouth. It was sweet, creamy, just perfect.


Squirts of creamy cum dripped from Shawna’s and my chins . Shawna pulled me to her. â€œKiss me Katrina, kiss your Mommy with the girl cum!”  We shared a kiss swapping Jasminea’s cunt juice. It was tender, loving. Her tongue licked my cheeks, my lips, she kissed my nose and then an open mouth kiss with twirling tongues until her hand caressed the back of my head and pulled me into her. 


“Mommy has wanted this for so, so long Katrina.” Shawna’s need was real . We tilted our head a little an then locked lips. It was a hungry kiss, a passionate kiss. A lover’s kiss.


“Ohhhhhhh God!” Jasminea let out a last sigh, her small hot body suddenly going slack. “I’m finished! Ohhhhh!” She lay there twitching on the bed reaching feebly up for me to come snuggle her. 


I released Shawna from our embrace and crawled over to Jasminea â€œOh babe, you are so hot and taste so delicious. I just love our time together.” I bathed her with soft kisses on her breasts, nipples, neck and ears. â€œI think I need a shower. Want to join me?”


Before she knew what she was doing, Jasminea leaned over, pulled me to her and looked lovingly into my eyes. â€œYes, Miss Mandy, Yes, I want to do anything, everything with you.” Jasminea then kissed me . Almost as instantly as she touched her lips to mine, she fell back onto the bed. â€œI am so sore. You two really did something to me with that last orgasm. I have never had two eat out my pussy before and it was an earthquake level climax. I lost a full kilo of weight when I squirted so much cum on you two. I want to try that with you and Mommy sometime.” 


Before Jasminea could finish, I crawled onto her and let all my weight rest on her. She sank into the plush duvet cover on the bed. She was so thin, she was swallowed up by the bedding and looked so cute, her brown skin against the cream color of the bedding . I leaned down and kissed her again, this time long and deep. When we finally broke apart, Jasminea was flush again, a bit of Rosey pink in her cheeks, her brown eyes sparkling, looking to me to make the next move.


I felt flushed and a little light-headed, but I felt myself want more of Jasminea’s soft lips. I had totally forgotten about Shawna who knew that her time with us was at an end, at least for today. Shawna was collecting her clothes which had scattered around the cabana and pool area. 


“Mind if I take a dip to freshen up?”


“Sure Mommy, the water is great. “ Not knowing where to end the Mommy Daughter fantasy, I just continued. “Could you come back on Saturday? I will be able to show you around the grounds and inside the Chateau so you can get the pictures you need. Also, it might take me that long to recharge. You were, are, amazing. Leave me your card so I know how to contact you about Saturday.”


“”thanks babe. Me? No, you are the amazing one, and for sure I will be back here on Saturday. Can your friend join us again? Maybe we can continue things, you know, the thing I mentioned with all three of us? Anyway, I will freshen up and let myself out.”


I scrambled off the bed and pulled Jasminea to the edge of the bed, and then onto her wobbly legs. We all hugged and engaged in a three way, open mouthed kiss, Shawna wrapping her arms around both of us.


“Now have fun with your young friend Katrina and I will see you again on Saturday. “ Both Jasminea and I buried our faces in her neck and gave her soft, baby kisses on her neck and ears. I whispered into Shawna’s ear:


“yes, I would love it Mommy if you fucked me from behind in my star with a strap on as I fucked my young friend with my big clit in her pussy.” As I whispered this in a hot breath in her ear, I licked her neck with my pink tongue, leaving a slight trail of saliva. The combination of the imagery in her head and my licking of her neck produced an entire crop of goose bumps on her chest, arms and back . Her nipples instantly hardened, and she let out a low moan. 


“Maybe, just maybe, you could bring your daughter over on Saturday so I can see for my self if we are twins, um, other than my clit, of course. I think you might like watching me fuck your beautiful daughter.” Shawna shuddered at the thought an then blushed bright pink as the image bathed her with arousal. 


“I will see if she is free. It would be a good learning experience for her.” â€œyes, I would love that.” She then looked at her activity tracker on her left wrist. â€œHoly shit, I cannot believe what time it is. I have to go. You kids are amazing and please call me about Saturday.” She threw a business card on the bed, jumped into her clothes, put her heels on and fumbled with her purse to get going. She didn’t even freshen up in the pool. Jasminea and I just stood there hugging and cuddling with each other at the side of the cabana bed as Shawna exited the ool enclosure with JBF hair and her clothes in disarray.


I hesitantly turned my head back to Jasminea who still had those sparkling brown eyes fixed on me. Jasminea ran her fingers through my tangled shoulder length brunette hair.


 Jasminea pushed me back against the wall of the cabana and kissed me over and over. Little baby kisses on my cheeks, lips, nose, chest, mouth and ears. I shuddered in response to the delicate kisses, my nipples once again erect and aroused.  Our tongues started to intertwine in our young Mouths.


Jasminea held our hips together, but pulled our torsos apart to look at me. “I don’t remember it being quite like this when we first started making love last holiday season. I just so enjoy the freedom of being able to do whatever we want, whenever we want.” Jasminea softly giggle with nervous appreciation for the moment. “But I think that’s okay, right?”


Jasminea composed herself, looked down and than with her expressive, passionate, loving eyes, looked back up into mine. “Is this… You know, is this okay with you? I mean, it doesn’t make us lesbians, or whatever.” She tried to explain what she was feeling right then, right there.


I responded with a bright, million dollar smile at my young friend’s puzzled, and adorable, face. “No, just because we enjoy kissing each other, making love to each other, doesn’t mean we have to commit to the whole lesbian lifestyle. After all, I am a two for one T Girl so you can enjoy all the clit or girl cock you may want. You know that I am getting into the profession with my Mistress so I will be doing a lot more of all of this and I want you to be part of my personal life, the side that I get to enjoy, to passionately engage, to love. It also doesn’t mean we don’t like cocks. We can have it both ways, you know.”

Jasminea thought about it a moment and decided I was right. Even if Jasminea wasn’t down with everything I was in to, there wasn’t much she could do about it, but what I did notice was how her thin, young legs were now straddling my right thigh and how wet and slippery she was getting again, rubbing up and down my leg, leaving a small trail of pussy juice on my tone, tan thigh.


Jasminea pulled me back to her and kissed me, just lips to lips, her tongue just flicking my lips from the outside. She began to caress my slim, yet curving young body.


We kissed more and more passionately until it got more of a physical kiss, a full body contact kiss.  Jasminea was feeling more needy than I had remembered her to be and it turned me on to think of how devoted she was to me, how much she loved me.


I slid my right hand up Jasminea’s flat tummy, her thin torso, not stopping until I cupped her left breast. I kept going, gently sliding my hand to Jasminea’s left nipple. I began softly rubbing the palm of my right hand over her nipple.


I held tightly to the back of Jasminea’s head as we kissed, my fingers twisted through Jasminea’s long, black, thick hair. With my other hand, I continued fondling Jasminea’s breasts. Even though they were much smaller than mine, they filled my hand with a sweet satisfaction. I stared at her left nipple and marveled at how long it became as it became fully erect and stiff. I so wanted to suckle her nipples again, but this was a tender moment and needed to continue moving forward.


I moved my thigh deeper between Jasminea’s legs, feeling more of her wetness and noticing that she was beginning to hump my leg. I started moving with Jasminea to match her soft, humping motion on my leg. We both let out soft moans


I stepped back and broke our embrace. I glanced at the walk in shower stall in the corner of the cabana . Jasminea eagerly nodded and reached across to grab my hand. She pulled me over to the ornate rock wall enclosure of a shower. With another kiss to my lips, Jasminea turn on the water.


The first blast of cold water felt good on this hot day, but sent shivers down my spine as my back was to the shower nozzle.  Jasminea squirted some body gel into her hands and began a slow seduction session, lathering my entire body with the lavender scented body wash. 


There was no crevasse missed, no crack untouched, no pole un-stroked as she thoroughly cleaned my body of all the sweat and cum from the last couple of hours. 


I leaned my head back and wet my tussled hair. It was luxurious to feel her apply cream rinse to my scalp and massage it into my hair, leaning in for soft kisses now and again. My eyes were closed and just enjoyed the moment with her servicing my entire body.


Then, once fully refreshed, I spun and slipped out of Jasminea’s grasp, pushing her into the stream of chilly water. “Holy shit, that’s cold.” Jasminea’s voice was shaking.


“You need to embrace all sensations babe. Channel them, embrace them. Let them fuel your passions.”


Immediately, we locked lips again, with extreme intensity as the water quickly increased in temperature to a soothing, cleansing warmer level, streaming over our tan, perfect, young bodies.  


Then, with the water streaming over Jasminea’s shoulders and torso, I began my ritual of bathing my young lover. I, too, used the lavender body wash and made sure to massage, rub, poke, insert, and caress every centimeter of her perfect, petite young body. She also loved it when I rinsed her thick, black hair with the slippery cream rinse liquid. I took my time massaging her scalp an could hear her moan above the sound of the water spraying as I worked the cream rinse into her small head, neck and shoulders. I moved her back into the stream of water and allowed the warm liquid to wash away all the suds from our cleansing session. 


We ran our hands everywhere on each other and eventually we were grasping each other’s asses, our tits touching, my clit pressed into her flat tummy, my thigh pressed up against her nicely smooth, bald, freshly cleaned pussy


I brought my hand down between Jasminea’s legs, and began to rub her female clit. “Ohhhh,” Jasminea moaned. My clit was twitching again, and needed to be buried inside her tight, young cunt , but patience, patience. 


Jasminea leaned her head back, water running down her face and eventually down her tits, which I started kissing again, savoring her long, stiff nipples in my wet, , warm mouth. 


Jasminea moved her hands off me and with one hand pressing against the wall to hold her up, she started returning the favor to me, using her fingertips to softly stroke my clit. Our eyes locked in the mist of the shower and she gave me a knowing look.


Gripping my clit head with her fist and looking at it lovingly, she purred:  â€œI bet this got quite the workout with that lady. Did you give her your signature bounce on g Spot technique to make her scream over and over.”


I winked and went back to kissing her young, eager lips as I fingered her pussy and she stroked my clit. Faster and faster we went. Both of us were squirming, trying to keep from cumming right away, which was made easier as our fuck session with Shawna was draining. The benefits of being so young, however, we bounced right back and yearned for more from each other. I could tell that Jasminea was really excited   .


I put my hand on Jasminea’s arm and gently pushed her back. I kneeled down in front of Jasminea and started to lick her pussy and then move my tongue in and out of it. Jasminea spun around so that her back was now against the rock wall and spread her legs as far apart as she could in the confines of the walk in shower stall. She pressed her back against the rock wall, resting her hand on top of my head.


“Oh. My. God,” Jasminea panted, as I worked my tongue into her pussy and worked on her erect nub of a clit which was standing proudly, once again, up from under its hood. Finally, when she was on the verge of cumming, Jasminea yelled out, “Wait!” She reached behind me and turned off the water.


I looked at Jasminea quizzically. “Come with me,” Jasminea said, taking my hand. She nearly pulled me back to the bed in the cabana.  She grabbed two towels on the way and quickly dried both of us, or as much as she could do I the lust filled moment, her pussy itching for more attention. With wet hair, we moved to the bed. 


We were now both giggling all the way until Jasminea jumped onto the bed, me just behind her. Jasminea playfully pushed me down on the bed. “Close your eyes.”


While I obliged, Jasminea quietly opened the drawer where she knew I kept my vibrators and pulled 2 long, anal plug style dildos out. She slid them under the duvet cover and climbed on top of me, straddled my hips, kissing me again . Jasminea put my hands above my head on the pillow, clasping them in her own.”Keep these here please.” Her voice was a soft kitten.


 Jasminea worked her pussy on my rock hard clit, sliding back and forth on the underside of my shaft, getting it slippery with her cunt juices.  I let out another moan.


With one hand, she reached under the duvet cover, pulled out one of the anal plug vibrators and put it into her mouth. I watched with fascination as she lubricated the long, thick anal plug dildo in her mouth like she was giving it a blow job. Her eyes were locked on mine the entire time. It was so sexy. Then, she reached between my legs, found my anal star, and worked it into my back door love tunnel. “Oh fuck,” I gasped. “It feels so good.” Jasminea rubbed my breasts and nipples as she worked the vibrator anal plug deep into my star, making sure to massage my anal G Spot, not stopping until the entire length of the dildo was in my star, the capture ring at my sphincter to prevent it from being sucked entirely within me. I gasped with delight .


Jasminea patted and rotated the plug in my star. I squealed with pleasure. “sit on my clit. I want to make you cum too.” I needed this to be mutual.

Jasminea quickly grabbed the second vibrator and put it into her mouth again. In a similar fashion, she lubricated the second anal dildo in a sensuous blow job display which really got to me. Then, she reached around behind her and inserted it into her anal star, closing her eyes and letting out a long sigh as she seated the long, thick anal plug deep in her ass. I loved watching her take it all, her slim body wiggling to push it deeper and deeper into her tight anal love tunnel.


She then flicked a remote control on the bed I did not know she had and both vibrators hummed to life. The smile on Jasminea’s face told me all I needed to know about what the vibrations were doing to and for her.


She then locked her eyes on me again, rocked forward on her knees, our nipples almost touching, and reached between us to lift up my clit.  â€time to double fuck me Miss Mandy!”


With a long sigh, she sat back an empaled herself onto my long, 25cm clit into her wet, tight pussy in one go. She did not stop until her cunt lips were nestled up against my smooth, bald skin around my clit shaft base .


“So fucking good,” was all I could get out with the feeling of pushing through her tight cunt and the vibrations in my ass. I could feel the vibrations of the anal plug in her ass through the thin wall separating her anal love tunnel from her pussy love tunnel. I was in heaven, again. I kept my hands above my head, but really wanted to grab her hips and rock her world with my clit buried deep inside her young cunt.


Jasminea was a picture of concentration as she allowed her body to adjust to the two large objects buried deep within her. The vibrator in her ass and my clit in her pussy. She just rested on all fours above me, without moving as her two fuck holes got used to the double penetration thickness, and the vibrations of the anal dildo.


Finally, Jasminea push back into a cowgirl position and started a lap dance, of sorts. First, she circled her hips to rotate around my clit, letting more of her cunt juice lubricate my shaft. Then she started lifting off and cork screwing down on my clit. She would lift off until just the tip of my clit was gripped by her pussy lips, and then slowly, sensuously, circle her hips as she lowered until her cunt lips were again pressed into my flesh.


“I will never get used to how big you are Mandy, or should I call you Katrina?” She pinched my nipples at this and I really wanted to spank her ass for that one, but had pledged to keep my hands above my head. 


“yeah, that was a little strange, sexy but strange to engage in the Mommy / Daughter fantasy with that lady. It really got her off, though, and I must admit, it was a turn on to role play like that.” I bucked my hips up and speared Jasminea’s pussy with my clit shaft to make the point. â€˜May I move my hands now?”


“No. I am in charge now you vixen. Take some of your own medicine for a change.”


“You bitch. Hey, remind me to contact Katrina for real. She sounds gorgeous and it would be fun to set up a play date with her and you.” I thrusted up again when saying ‘you.’


“yeah. Maybe. You mentioned something about next Saturday. Is that on?” She continued wiggling on my clit in a lap dance to imaginary music.


“I will let you know. Could be fun, but speaking about fun, I just love how your tight pussy stretches around my clit. We fit perfectly together.” I blew her a kiss with my lips.


“We are perfect, just perfect together.” She smiled slyly. â€œYou know, you will never have anyone better than me, and I will always be here, or your condo, waiting for you to come home.”    


Her words hit my heart and I so wanted to kiss her right then, but could not with my hands above my head, her weight on my hips. 


Jasminea’s lap dance continued and I felt a squirt of girl cum when she finally experience a mini orgasm as she slammed down on me and ground her pussy into my flesh.


“Oh fuck yes, this is so intense, the vibrations , both holes so stuffed, Oh yes, fuck yes. Make me cum you bitch.” She shuddered as her climax ratcheted up to a higher level, achieving a stronger climax. Her full body spasm told me that the double fuck penetration of my clit in her pussy and the vibrator dildo in her ass was getting to her. With her full body weight on me, gripping my breasts for stability, she kept her cunt pressed hard on my clit. I would have slight bruising on my breast flesh from her tight grip , but it was worth it to watch her in a double penetration ultra orgasm.   I was feeling the beginnings of an orgasm well up within me as I witnessed her wiggling on top of me, cunt juices dribbling out her pussy and onto my flat tummy. The moment was just so fucking sexy with this thin, young girl wiggling and grinding her pussy on me with my clit buried deep within her. She had reached up to her nipples at the apex of her climax and was caressing, pinching and pulling her long erect nipples as she rolled through wave after wave of her orgasm. It took a full 2 minutes of her moaning, almost screaming, head thrown back to work through the orgasmic release of her cum sequence. Watching her wet hair fly around was so erotic with strands around her shoulders, around her breasts, and some tips whipping my breasts and tummy. 


When she could finally open her eyes, she had a devilish look I her eyes. She fell forward, allowing our breasts to press against each other as she leaned down for a soft, deep kiss.


“Now its your turn Miss Mandy, my love.”


Kissing me with a delicate pink tongue, she found the remote control for the vibrator in my anal star and turned it up to ‘high’ . I felt a jolt in my ass and then the vibrations hit my anal G Spot. It was electric, I came within seconds with her slowly rocking back and forth, sliding up and down my engorged clit shaft, the anal dildo stimulating my back door G Spot.


“yes, my love, cum for me, cum deep inside of me.” She resumed our tender kissing, our tongues dancing, me almost screaming in her mouth as the point of no return hit with my climax. I felt the cum boil up from my loins, travel up my shaft and spurt into her not so tight pussy after the long deep penetration session. It was luxurious to have her on top, working my clit with her Cagle muscles, making her cunt as tight as it was when I first fucked her 7 months ago as a virgin. I really wanted to cup her small, firm ass and guide her cunt as she empaled herself on me, but I was a good girl and knew the rules of the game.


“Fuck Jasminea, this is wild . The vibrator in my ass, the sensations, your tight pussy gliding up and down my clit. Oh, My god, it is amazing. Milk me with your pussy just the way you know I like it.”


“yes, Miss Mandy, or should I continue with Katrina?” She slyly smiled as she clinched her pussy and I felt my clit shaft get squeezed with a vice grip. â€œLike that Miss Mandy? You love it when I squeeze your clit hard,, I know.”


Jasminea’s hands moved up my arms still above my head as she rocked back and forth, sliding her extra tightened pussy up and down my clit


She reached back and pulled out her anal dildo vibrator which was still humming. It took her a few seconds as it was deeply buried in her ass. With a satisfied sigh, she extracted the final bit and rested it on the bed, clicking off the vibrations of both toys with the remote control.


She reached around her ass again and this time, found the dildo buried deep in my ass and repeated the extraction procedure. She lingered her withdrawal motion as the thickest part of the dildo was pulled through my outer sphincter. She knew that I enjoyed it when she stretched my anal tunnel, especially when she was going to fist me, but this was just to tease me as there would be no fisting me today. To much already had happened and I was still coming down from my dopamine high.  She put the second anal dildo next to the first and returned her attention to me.


Jasminea then moved her fingertips down my arms to my arm pits. â€œYou better not!” I looked pleadingly at her.


With a devilish grin, she started tickling my arm pits and upper torso.


“No, No. Not that. You minx, not that!” I could not keep my hands clasped when she started to tickle me. I brought them down and held her slim wrists, then rolled us over so that I was on top, still with my clit buried deeply inside her. She adjusted and wrapped her legs around my tiny waist.


I had her hands pinned to the bed on either side of her face. â€œYou are a bad girl Jasminea. Bad girl. What will I do with you?” I, too, was slyly smiling.


We moved together as I pulled her hands above her head, forced her fingers to clasp together. â€œNow its your turn. Keep your hands up here and do not release them until I tell you.”


“yes, Miss Mandy, or should I call you Mistress Mandy?” Her eyes were gorgeous and winking at me to continue with the semi-forced moment, seeming to beg me to dominate her.


I just circled my hips to grind into her as I contemplated how we would end our session. Then it hit me.


I leaned over, careful not to pull my clit out of her cunt, and retrieved one of my favorite toys from the same drawer from which Jasminea found the vibrators. I closed it in my fist.


“Close your eyes Jasminea.”


She complied and I brought the nipple clips connected with silver chain up to her breasts. She winced at the feel of the cold chain on her warm, brown flesh, but a smile came to her lips as she instantly knew .


She almost screamed out when the white hot pain / pleasure hit her as I let the alligator clamp close around the flesh of her right nipple. I was gentle and left the plastic cover on the metal alligator teeth on the clamp. Without the cover, I had to be very, very careful as the metal teeth would easily tear into her flesh, and her nipples were sacred territory, only to be punished,, not scarred. Her nipples were so long that I could grasp the entire nipple with the length of the clip tongs. She hissed in a breath. â€œI love this part.” She panted out, waiting for the next clip to be connected.


I repeated the clipping procedure with her left nipple, another hissed breath, another moan of pain and pleasure. Her eyes were still closed so she could not see me bring the nipple clip chain up to her mouth. It did not reach, well not exactly. I put my hand behind her neck and lifted up her head . Once she felt the chain on her lips, she knew what to do. She obediently opened her mouth and gripped the chain in her teeth. She tried to let her head fall back when I released her neck, but soon found that it was torture on her nipples as she was pulling them tightly, lifting up her entire breasts by the nipples with her teeth as she leaned back.


“One mor orgasm for you my love, just the way you like it, with your nipples lovingly caressed with your favorite nipple toy.”


She could not speak with the chain in her mouth and could not nod as doing so would pull more on her nipples.


“Now, for something fun.” I had the devilish look on my face.


I grabbed one of the dildos, pulled back so that my clit withdrew completely from her pussy. I lifted her ankles and rested them on my shoulders to rotate her hips up and give me full access to both her love holes. I put the dildo to the gaping entrance to her cunt and pushed. â€œfirst, ass to pussy.” I inserted the toy until it seated deeply inside her. â€œThen pussy to ass.” I repositioned my youthful clit which could stay hard for hours when aroused, at the entrance to her anal love tunnel. It was so slippery down there with all her juices flowing. Her anal star was winking in anticipation of what would be next. She moaned in pain and pleasure as she tried to lean her head back, but could not with the strain on her nipples just too much.


I penetrated her anal star with my clit and I could glide in easily as her anal passage had been prepared for this with the dildo for the last 20 minutes or so.


“So pretty. Two love poles in your love holes.” I giggled at my clever rhyme.


Jasminea was moaning with the double penetration and the nipple clips pulling hard on her nipples which were, I am sure, starting to really experience the full effect of the clips being pulled by her teeth.


I pushed forward until I was jewels deep in her ass, tightly snuggled up with my hips pressed into her firm young ass cheeks. 


Then, I clicked on the remote. Her eyes flew open and I know she wanted to scream, but dared not loose grip on the chain in her teeth. She new the drill and it was critical that she kept the chain in her mouth. Her moans were increasing with intensity as I started moving.


With long, slow, strokes, I penetrated her tight ass, making sure to pause on her anal G Spot each time I was at the correct depth. She was waiting and I knew that she was close. She always was very close when we would fuck like this. She was waiting for my command, like a good girl.


I marveled at how sexy it was to watch her hips wiggle with the double penetration. I picked up the speed just a bit, making sure to thrust all the way in and pull all the way out. She loved the long strokes. 


I took her ankles and pushed them towards her head, getting her to lift her ass up farther from the bed. It was a better angle to massage her anal G Spot, to say nothing about how sexy it looked to bend her in half as I double fucked her young, ass and cut .


I started circling my hips in a grinding motion and reached down to pinch her female clit. Just as I pinched and twisted her female clit, I commanded: “Now, let your head fall back, snap the clips off your nipples. Now, bitch, pull them off your nipples!”


She released the tension in her neck, her head fell back onto a pillow, and the nipple clips were forced to snap off her nipples, making an audible pop when they did so right as I was twisting her clit back and forth.


With the nipple clip chain dangling on either side of her mouth, she finally was free to scream out.


“Holy fuck, fuck yes, fuck, you bitch, buck, yes Oh My god, yes.”


Her voice trailed off as her body spasmed into a full body clinch, the title wave of a pleasure, pain orgasm hitting and rolling over her. I just kept stroking in and out of her ass, rubbing her clit, more gently now.


“That’s my good girl. Cum for your Mistress. Cum for me. You are such a good girl.” I stroked her breasts and put the palms of my hands on her nipples to calm them down and massage away the sting of the nipple clips being pulled off them. 


“You may release your hands now babe.”


She was limp, but was able to wrap her affectionate arms around me before she closed her eyes and almost passed out. I grabbed the remote and turned off the vibrator. I reached down and slowly pulled the toy from her cunt, tossing it on the bed. Then I pulled my hips back just a bit and lifted one of her legs up and over so that her knees were together. I moved behind her, not letting my clit slip from her ass. 


We just spooned there together, me holding her in my arms, her twitching now and again in post orgasmic bliss, whispering: “I am yours Miss Mandy, Mistress Mandy, I am yours, all yours.” 


With me holding her on the bed in the cabana, spooning each other, we drifted off to sleep, my clit buried in her ass and loving it.




Jasminea and I had several fun erotic adventures by the pool, in my bed, and around the grounds that Summer between my sophomore and Junior years at Vixen College. Continue onto Chapter 8 if you would like to see how Mandy, Jasminea, Shawna and Shawna’s daughter, the beautiful Katrina, enjoyed a lovely evening at the Chateau with Mandy as the Hostess.



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