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MARCUS19702 Ofline
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Posted: 3 months ago - Jun 17, 2022

Sorry I "shout " this but it has me concerned..

I truly believed that this site, as compared to other sites , which I won't mention (they don't need the extra publicity), but some individuals here, think it is acceptable to post pictures of their gentile.

I ask, rather bluntly, how many here, feel it is acceptable?

How many find it distasteful?

How many simply don't care?


I have been approached byt members here believing I am into seeing it, and they simply ignore my request, not to bother explaining to me their "endowment" to make me feel attracted to it.

It goes without saying, yet some thing it should be a double standard.

If shown the endowment, it is acceptable to show the blossom of and if now the resolved birth defect of now a clitoris's, it deserve equal billing.

Quite frankly, it just makes me uneasy/

I know, I know, if I disprove, leave this site, right?

Well. I just might do that then.

If you want to make this site associated with ugliness and degrading, I will leave but I want my 2 cents be heard, since I vested in many individuals here their friendship and loyalties and that my friend, you cannot put a price tag on it.

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