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MARCUS19702 Ofline
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The Essentials
Last Seen: Sep. 28, 2022
Joined: Mar 30, 2014
Age: 58
Gender: Male
Location: PA, US
Relationship Status: Single
Interested In: Female ,T(M2F)
HIV Status: Negative
Height: 5 ft. 9 in. /175.26 cm.
Weight: 150 lbs.
Race/Ethnicity: White
About Me
A wise person once said "When approaching the fork in a road, head left. No matter what, you will eventually be right"! Well, this man , this humble old fashioned gentleman, if I strike up enough courage in approaching you in a email, there is a reason. Have you experienced a total shock at first if you bought a mystery can at the grocery store with the label unexpiated missing. And not know what is inside? Well, I am that with all whom I encounter in life. No matter what the outer shell maybe, I await till that person is willing to "open up" and I will see their true self and I will only then decide if I want to continue their friendship /loyalty or not. I know it can be difficult in these troubling times, but trust me when I say about myself, that what you see is something appealing that you can only wish others be like me. I would blush on occasion when I was described this way, the least I can do, is be your friend(for starters).I see and treat you with same equal respect I would to anyone and at anytime no matter what! I do not play games of the heart for I don't flash my bandages of my own being broken, but if you seek a person in a suit of armor, you will ind a few rust spots but also a teddy bear inside willing to give respect and friendship to those who seek it. Not games of the hearts or spades but let us use clubs to see if truly our comparability be a diamond in the rough. shall we? I look forward to maybe reading a email from you! It is the least I ask, since I did reach to you as well. Right?

Favorite Quotes: Thine ownself be true, and, Do onto others as they do onto you
Arts & Entertainment
Movies: If it is in letterbox, or IMAx count me in, if at hom,e, willing to sit through anything as long as my date ,companion. or guest has something they want to see, I am flexible to watch anythingh!
Television: Binge watching can be lonesome if nobody to share popcorn and conversation with. What about you?
Music: Classic rock, and any/everything from turn of 20th century to some 21st century stuff too!
Games: "Upwards" "Jeapordy" "Trivial pursuit"
Favortie Sports: Open to explore any/everything!
Favorite Teams: No personal die had favorites!
Favorite Athletes: The underdog ones who overcome setbacks and succeed!

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