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Posted: 6 months ago - Sep 11, 2023

Melissa is crawling through cathi open bedroom window, 

As Melissa Struthers on the floor over to the foot of cathi bed.

Melissa is wearing nylons and a garter belt with a Teddy all in black so cathi can't see her in the dark bedroom.

And then Melissa grips an 8" strap-on between her teeth like a Green Beret would grip a knife between his teeth.

Melissa slides under the covers of cathi bed and takes out a flashlight and sees a wet pussy in front of her.

Melissa then begins to lick her pussy with her wet tongue. 

Cathi begins to moan and groan, so Melissa has to 

shove a gag ball in her mouth. 

Melissa can see the huge amount of wetness between cathi legs.

Melissa tells cathi that is time for her to get the fucking of her life.

Cathi tries to tell Melissa that she's a virgin through her ball gag.

But it didn't do any good, Melisaa strapped the 8" on and slowly entered her Love Canal.

Cathi begins to moan and groan arching her back upward.

Melissa picks up the pace.

Cathi begins to have multiple orgasms one after the other.

Cathi begins to squirt and squirt. 

Cathi begins to squirt and squirt. Melissa went to do her job, which was to lick Cathi dry.

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