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I value feedback and ask for ours gentle reader..please / Non-Adult Topics - Misc / Adult Trans Form

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#1 2022-07-01 17:30:30

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I value feedback and ask for ours gentle reader..please

First, thank you for coming this far in reading this blog.
Now for the questions.

a)for the Ladies you prefer being introduced as Miss or Ms?

b) for the gentlemen here do you consider yourself an admirer or ooen minded individual?

c) how many here, receive emails from a member and you did not have the courage to tell that person, you are not interested?

d) if you did find someone who wrote to you, would you 1) check out their profile first?  or would you be so happy receiving an email, only aftr responding you, then checked out their profile?

e) Has anyone insist on certain topics you rather not disclose openly to the one who wrote to you or would discuss openly to other members of a chatroom to get their feedback first and foremost?

f) if someone you met and privity chatted and be asked certain questions would you feel more confident in yourself or ashamed if certain questions seem inappropiate and you only divulge this to that person, or would you ignore that person later on?

g) if you found your possible "right one" would you want them to relocate or would you relocate?

h)ever encountered someone in your past, and that individual was unaware of the person you are today?

i) what is seven words you would eliminate from the English language for others to identify more on a personable level?   As in would you prefer identified aswoman (or man) not as transperson?

j) how is(or how would)your family in acceptance of the person you are now,if you introduce them to you as the person that would like a life-time commitment?

k) whom was your role model growing up?

l) if you were to be involved with someone would you prefer others be unaware of your past, unless it greed upon both of you(as in you and your partner)if others want to know more about you?

m) too many questions?

n)  I thnk you looking at this posting, so please respond and let us discuss more in the future,  Okay? thank you


#2 2022-07-03 09:33:14

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Re: I value feedback and ask for ours gentle reader..please

This sure is a lot of questions, but in as much as I'd like to help, here goes:
a               miss
c               I just do it as gently as possible.
d               I always check out profiles pretty much immediately after talking to someone for the first time. I like to hear what they think
e               has never happened
f                I might answer the questions, depending on what they were. If they are too over the top and not attached to any valid conversation, I'd just move along
g               I am married, so it's not an issue. I am pretty well set with career n paid off property-no bils, so the economics are prolly better if my mate move in with me. If he could
                 offer me a better total package, id have no problem moving to him.
h               nope
i                 in the US, we have a huge problem with coping with things that arent standard, so I feel we need every single word available for others to feel comfy in describing just
                 "what" it was they saw, or encountered....I'm not offended just by words-its the intention behind them.
j                  I would be removed from the will.
k                many of them. Neil Degrasse Tyson, Sagan, several of the founding fathers, lots more
l                 it's no one else's business who i bed, or see, or am with.
m              perhaps
n               ok


#3 2022-09-02 10:31:18

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Re: I value feedback and ask for ours gentle reader..please

а) miss
c) I always talk straight.
d) I check the profile first, of course.
e) This has never happened.
f) I try not to discuss too personal topics and try to change the topic of conversation.
g) I would love to move because I am very bored with my city.
h) no.
i) I will let you know if I feel uncomfortable or don't like something.
j) My family accepts me for who I am.
k) My role model right now is a girl named Jasmine. I regularly watch the live Jasmine  and enjoy it. It's better than just sex.
l) I would trust all my secrets to Jasmine
m) no
n) ok

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